PREPPER POST NEWS – January 1, 2021 – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!

PREPPER POST NEWS – January 1, 2021 – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!


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It’s Friday, January 1, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Happy New Year!

So, today we kick off another fun year in this incredible century! The month of January, specifically the events of next week, may (may) make or break the whole year. Regardless, we at FP intend to party all twelve months. 

Whatcha think???


Lingering Headline Stories in the News

  • Yes, Daisy, there has been a lull in the 4GW. Ever since the AP selected Creepy Joe as place-holding emperor, the peaceful protests have stopped. Look for that to change, maybe next week. OrganicPrepper
  • HOTLANTA! Mayor Keisha Bottoms can’t figure out how to stop the crime wave. Can anyone help her? Bill Sherman is unavailable. DailyMail
  • Cold in Aspen. Left-wing eco-terrorists cut a natural gas line leaving the quaint mountain retreat without heat. Prepper lessons? CBS4Denver
  • The Nashville Deep State bombing did indeed highlight some concerns about the grid, etc. That’s why we covered it immediately. Now, even USAtoday notices. 
  • Natural Disasters keep coming, no matter what we (or “they”) do. Back to back earthquakes rock Croatia. There, people are still civilized and resilient. God bless them. BalkanInsight

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  • Look! Up in the mountains! It’s a hoax! It’s just a common cold! It’s … SUPERCOVID!!!! Oh, Lord… DailyMail
  • Got your COVID Passport? No shopping, working, banking, travel, etc for you without it. It’s a Big Tech app: “Rest assured, the nerds are on it!” CBS4Boston




Oh, Please, Yes!


Legacy Food Storage

A Vice President walks into a Congress with a Dominion Voting Machine… Please, God, please let this happen. VP

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