PREPPER POST NEWS – January 11, 2022 – Full Power!

PREPPER POST NEWS – January 11, 2022 – Full Power!


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It’s Tuesday, January 11, 2022

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Headline Stories in the News

  • Fake pope, real problems. Mr. Modernity, Jorge the Usurper, “bans” the old fuddy-duddy Latin Mass. Keep your changes, JB. Reuters 
  • Europe, you might want to consider fighting back against the hoaxers. Yahoooooo…
  • CITI mandates the death jab. No jab, no job. R-O-P-E. BloomBERG
  • Hooray! Arson? How about defense of others? Someone allegedly destroyed the satanic temple where babies are murdered. Striking the wand before the witch? VICE

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More Headlines Today

  • Do the usual suspects really want a two-front war with Russia? They might discover that they end up with a four or five front crashing defeat. Here’s hoping they get it (more ways than one). RT
  • VIDEO: Vaxx Kids, Kill Kids

How about this???

  • A podcast! Dr. Frankenmouse?


There is no end to my eternal hatred of technology…

Legacy Food Storage
  • Pathetic News!!! …



We knew this, but for the slow folks, mRNA is very, very, very, very dangerous technology. KD.

“I noted that the original myocarditis data, which was claimed to be “rare”, contained what looked like an indicator of exponential damage. That is, the second jab was much more likely than the first to produce trouble in that regard.

Well, now it gets worse.

As is apparent from a very large study group in Britain, the data continues to show that series is valid but also has a much-more troubling aspect to it, in that it appears that the Moderna jabs are worse than the Pfizer ones. This is important because much more mRNA is in the Moderna jabs. Further, the exponential factor appears to be a doubling with each dose for the Pfizer shots, which means the risk is a power function and not linear, and the fact that now we have booster data and the series has continued means the risk does not bleed off back to baseline over time.

We don’t know with the Moderna jabs when it comes to boosters as there were not enough boosters given to get statistical power.

But the second shot showed sixteen times the risk from baseline instead of four for Pfizer.

The ugly news is that the Pfizer jabs are 30ug of mRNA each. Moderna’s are 100ug. So two Pfizers is 60ug total for a 4x increase, where two Modernas is 200ug total for a 16x increase. In other words for Pfizer its about 15ug/step, where for Moderna its 12.5ug/step.

That’s pretty close statistically and implies there is a direct dose-response relationship, the relationship is exponential rather than linear and the issue is not related to the process used by each manufacturer either, which means this isn’t manufacturer-specific.”

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Something like this:

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