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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 1, 2020

Begins the second half of a very strange year!

Here’s what you need to know.


Lawless Post-America

  • Liberal John Roberts joined the other court liberals in killing the LA abortion law. Surprise! This isn’t the final nail – it’s dirt on the coffin. Keep it safe? No. Keep it going? Yes. A nation that sanctions the murder of its own children isn’t civilized. CNBC
  • A civilized nation does not allow violent criminals to take and destroy parts of cities. In Seattle, the CHOPpers refuse to leave. Where are the police? Where is the army? WSJ
  • In Detroit, the “peaceful protesters” attack the police. And, when the police rightfully flee – using a little force, it’s police brutality. SFGate
  • When terrorized citizens in Virginia call 911 because the “peaceful protesters” are violently attacking, they are told to take it up with the politicians. Con. Treehouse
  • Okay, here’s America raising her head: In St. Louis, when the “peaceful protesters” tear down the gate at a private neighborhood – that’s how it was portrayed – those words, some people resort to lawful force to protect themselves. THIS is why you need an AR-15! Will the good couple be arrested? DailyMail

Know The Enemy! If you want to win. Here, Vox takes a look at yesterday’s story about the coming, or in-progress breakup of the USA. If the enemy is nameless, what chance is there of knowing or countering him? Vox Day

As the Decades Pass, Zeal for the American Life fades away to nothing. Why? When did this start? How did it happen? And, can there be any resurrection, if the younger generations don’t know what they lost? LRC




Why Does This Thing Go On?

The CDC added 3 more symptoms to the disease that most people will never know if they had it. Overkill? Are they trying to eventually lump every ailment into the COVID so as to make a case that every sick person has or had it? Hype much? SUN


Hype and Circumstances


HHS Secretary Says the “Window Is Closing” on getting a handle on the [virus] whose curve we flattened in May. I’m not sure if he’s happy or upset about the developments. You? CNN

Legacy Food Storage

This Never Ending Lockdown … is this a continuation? Or, is it the next phase in action? Where is the evidence that anything productive comes from stopping life and economy nationwide? It does begin to look farcical. LRC

Here’s a Farce and Outrage! The disease with no (or all) symptoms now qualifies for a drug – previously censored – that will cost around $400-500 a pill! Or, $3,000 – $5,000 per treatment. Of a common chest cold… Profit much? WSJ




Some suggest that reality is finally dawning on President Trump. I’m not so sure. He’s done next to nothing his entire first term. Now, he stands to lose in November to a senile empty suit that’s not even campaigning. Politico


I called BS on the Russia hiring assines in Afghanistan story as soon as I heard it. Almost all of our geopolitical news either goes through or comes from the CIA. Here’s why this is just another lie. The question is “why?” RT


Even the shyster banksters admit the “V-shaped” thing was a fiction from the start. There is zero chance of any “rapid” recovery – we’ve already missed the rapid timeframe. Any recovery at all is now in doubt as things keep deteriorating. Read more. Prep! EcoCollapse


Healthy or recovery economies do not need massive funny money intervention for government programs or commercial banks. Now, the Fed is directly bailing out a myriad of corporations! This is adding gasoline to the raging fire. Today, it’s bonds; tomorrow it will be stocks. MSN


This one is ironically funny even as it shows the steep decline in action. A BLM thug beats an elderly man, gets chased by other elderly men, and hides behind and cries to the cops, whom he previously ACAB’d. ‘Murica! InfoWars




2020 – Prepper Time!


We know, around here, that life is so crazed that prepping isn’t just natural, it’s mandatory. As July begins, every person in the US should be (SHOULD be) a prepper. The real time to start was four years ago. But, there is time – for now. Mike Snyder

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