PREPPER POST NEWS – July 13, 2021 – Door to Door Tyranny

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 13, 2021 – Door to Door Tyranny


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Ideology is Dead

  • Never trust a conservative. VD on RD and the fake right defense of PlgbtC. VP
  • Andrew Sullivan notices that “liberals” never were. What happened? The devil, that’s what. SubStk

Giving Credit?

  • Did “Biden” just do something decent?! A crackdown on Big Tech would be welcome, ergo it probably won’t happen. Protocol
  • Amerikan agents, probably CIA acting on orders from the Clintons, murdered Haiti’s president. Now, naturally, Haiti requests more Amerikan agents. Another day in a failed state. BBC
  • Those agents act in the USSA too: “Nothing can be done to enforce the law against the rogue criminal NSA, because as Glenn Greenwald says, “people in Washington are petrified of the security state.” CIA director John Brennan actually spied on the Senate Intelligence Committee. The senators who were supposed to oversee the CIA were themselves spied on.” PCR

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More Headlines Today

  • A maid saved us from another FBI false flag? Is she the real “All Star?” NYPost
  • The elimination of White history in the USSA rolls on. Down with Lee! Down with civilization! AP
  • The elimination of White people themselves hit a small snag: worthless prinicipal caught conspiring to rid “school” of pale teachers. HOMESCHOOL! NYPost
  • Christians in the USSA have been self-limiting for some time. A tale of Catholic (and other denominational) erasure via fewer children. And this has nothing to do with plastics. Crisis
  • Discriminate! Against the “vaxxed.” A therapist in the UK is about to highlight a double standard. DailyMail

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Today’s Featured Topic is: “Biden” is Sending the “Jab” to You

JP makes this sound funny, though it’s deadly serious:

Legacy Food Storage

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