PREPPER POST NEWS – July 16, 2021 – The Future We have Chosen

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 16, 2021 – The Future We have Chosen


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Friday Funnies

  • “Do People Want Their Pre-Pandemic Freedom Back? Polling finds wide support for draconian lockdowns and permanent restrictions.” Reason
  • JPMorgan’s revenues are down, but profits have more than doubled. Sounds about right. Same for you, right? WSJ
  • Eric Peters on the obsession of the unhealthy about all things health – as they become even more unhealthy. To our health! EPAutos

Fauci Lied

  • To Kongress. His cabal helped fund the Bioweapon. The TROVE!

Lilly to the Rescue

  • Don’t go hungry.

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More Headlines Today

  • The age of the West may be about over. The age of ideology is finished. Read the Z Man. Taki


  • Federal Imperial informants were involved in Haiti, at least the DEA, probably FBI. Odd. RT
  • Old Greenscreen backs political protesters in Havannah, just not in DC. Commie leaders better not use violence to silence the good people! Ashli Babbit, anyone? Dailymail

Down with the West! 

  • I didn’t know Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea were CSA Generals. You? ““It’s quite a day. It’s just a feeling of relief to see that statue be dragged out of here backwards and back into history where it belongs,” Rabbi Tom Gutherz of the nearby Congregation Beth Israel said after the truck rumbled off, taking the Jackson monument away.” Now, do Gaza, Rabbi! AP
  • A suspicious list: Austin and Portland are the best places to live? Avoid “diversity” if you can, or face the feature story soon. USNews

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Civil War Preview

Take a look at the joyous life and times in South Africa today: Daily Mail.

Legacy Food Storage

“South Africa in chaos: Shopkeepers fire on mob to protect their stores and ten people are killed in mall looting stampede as death toll in riots sparked by President Zuma’s jailing passes 40

Warning: Graphic content 

South Africa has been hit by five days of mob violence sparked by jailing of ex-president Jacob Zuma 

Violence centred in provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Guateng, with shops looted and people killed 

Death toll stands at 45, including 10 people who were trampled in a stampede at a looted shopping centre

Shopkeepers have been filmed opening fire on a mob while woman threw her baby from the top of a burning shopping centre as flames threatened the apartment buildings above”

This is only a (largely) one-sided preview of what’s to come. The USSA (remember 2020?) will see this, organized regional violence, and heavy bombing from the remnants of the Empire. Diversity + Proximity = War. Add in stupidity and wickedness and you supercharge it. One will note things from this episode: the value of forming groups, the usefulness of AR-15s, etc.

Vox’s Take: “This is coming soon to cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington DC. It’s going to be fascinating to see what happens when a significant percentage of the American population figures out that the causal problem is not an excess supply of racism, but rather, an insufficiency.

Everyone who opposed the evils of apartheid must accept that this is the world they created. They were warned it would happen, but they refused to heed the warnings. And now everyone who is anti-racist, equalitarian, or “doesn’t see color” must be reminded: this is the future you have chosen.”

Whatcha think???

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