PREPPER POST NEWS – July 19, 2021 – A Failed System

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 19, 2021 – A Failed System


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Health v Hoax

  • Walking is great for the body and the brain! DNYUZ
  • Using Ivermectin horse paste. I assume this one will be banned.
  • “Liberals,” COVID, and bodily choice. Crisis
  • LA says mask again. Deadline
  • The narrative cracks in Spain. Court rules lockdowns illegal. AP
  • The French rebel against Macron. The generals’ warning and all… RT
  • A fantastic summary of how the pandemic hoax was devised, implemented, and perpetuated. PCR
  • US Army declares war on soldiers at Fort Rucker, AL. Get. Out. Now. Axios/Yahoo

High Treason

  • The Imperial military (not our friends) is helping foreign invaders overrun the far corners of the USSA. Sputnik

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Culture War Today

  • Churches are burning in Canada – the work of satan. CounterSig. The satanic US MSM says it’s justified… NYPost 
  • China and the “debt trap.” Oh, no! Just change a few words, and you have the USSA’s experience with someone else. SUN
  • Society will collapse. As seen, kind of, in 1972 by MIT. 2040? VICE
  • The breakup will happen, but not like this. Interestingly, 66% of southern GOPers see it coming. Mediaite

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Today’s Featured Topic is: What Did “Biden” Just Admit?

“Biden,” who hates pro-democracy protesters in the USSA, loves them in Cuba. There’s more than meets the eye here.

“ President Joe Biden addressed unrest in Cuba on Thursday by calling communism “a failed system,” and said he was considering measures to aid Cubans that included Covid-19 vaccines and the provision of internet access.

“Communism is a failed system, universally failed system,” Biden told reporters at a joint press conference with German Prime Minister Angela Merkel. “I don’t see socialism as a very useful substitute, but that is another story.”

There’s no doubt that (any form of) communism is a miserable failure, socially, economically, and politically. Yet, it also failed its masters as seen in the former USSR and in modern China. Yet, it is the lesser evil after globalism. That’s why the former communist countries of Eastern Europe (and Russia) as well as China are so much better off in so many ways than the Western “powers.” Were “Biden’s” handlers happy with his statement?

Also, it will be hilarious to watch Imperial intervention in Cuba fail as miserably as communism.

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