PREPPER POST NEWS – July 2, 2021 – Independent Weekend

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 2, 2021 – Independent Weekend


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It’s Friday, July 2, 2021

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Happy Birthday, Little Daniella!

  • Our patron celebrity and Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot (and super hubby Jaron Varsano) welcomed their third baby girl this week! Woot!

Happy Birthday, America

  • What’s left of it anyway.

Points of “Pride”

  • Football is gay. At least the NFL, per their own announcement. RT. “A video released by the NFL on Monday features simple white text on a black background, declaring among other things that “football is gay,” “football is lesbian,” “football is queer,” and “football is transgender.” It ends with the league’s logo decorated in pride colors and with a promotion for The Trevor Project, a youth-focused LGBT charity.” No kidding…
  • Not so in the Czech Republic: “Czech President Zeman calls transgender people ‘disgusting’ & says heterosexuals should hold their own Pride march in Prague.” Probably not a fagball fan. RT
  • For heteros, Dr. Roberts explains how we came to have a totalitarian police state. PCR
  • Proof? Tucker says the NSA is spying on him and his show. He’s probably right. Mediaite

Also in Germany

  • “Racist” Polizei suggested a “likely” link between the Wurzburg enrichment event and ISIS. Really? I would have thought about white supremacy or climate change. RT

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The Hoax Today

  • More totally-unrelated flight cancellations, sickness, and heart attacks. New excuses needed ASAP! COHerald
  • Would you believe that Crackhead Hunter was funding the bioweapon development? I’m sure he’ll be arrested around the 4th of never… BattleSwarm

Just in Time!

  • Years out of stock of Tritium, the Empire has approved a plan to same a little – in 11-14 years, if ever. AikenStandard

Whither America?

  • Anthony Esolen pens a thoughtful essay about a bygone nation. Crisis. “Independence Day will soon be here, and it is bittersweet for me. I hardly know my own land. It has become a far country, and what do the citizens get for it? We have wished our fathers were dead, that is, forgotten, delivered over to condemnation or indifference. We have progressed beyond them. Though they were sinners too, they did bequeath to us great political and moral wealth, quite aside from a heritage of art, music, and letters; we have mostly squandered it or left it to rot.”

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Anti-Christian Amerika

It’s really Post-America. But, even fifty years ago, men tried to warn us. Why did so few listen? Here is Archbishop Fulton Sheen with now ancient commentary on what was a crisis – way back then:

Legacy Food Storage

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