PREPPER POST NEWS – July 20, 2021 – The UN to Our Rescue???

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 20, 2021 – The UN to Our Rescue???


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It’s Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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Ban Satanic Usury

  • Vox Day, again, on the debt jubilee, starting with student loans – which are not being repaid anyway. VP

The “Law”

  • Woo hoo! The 4th Cir. ruled that 18-20 year-olds can buy handguns. Down with the NFA!!! (Look for a “Biden” challenge in the SC). RT. Here’s a Perrin Classic on how many lives guns save every year! TPC
  • But, oh, no!!! Another court just noticed that DACA is a blatant violation of immigration law. Surely, the poor invaders won’t be sent home! (They will not…). AP

The Anti-culture

  • It wasn’t just St. George Floyd (Rest in Power, Big Floyd!). Huge numbers of Amerikans die deaths of despair from opium and opiods and Fentanyl. RT
  • Close the damned schools! We might as well. Baltimore: where nearly half the kids are failing anyway. Fox45

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Hoaxlines Today

  • The “jab” is perfectly safe. Just see these (rigged and artificially low) official numbers! “VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 463,457 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 10,991 deaths and 463,457  injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 9, 2021.  VAERS reports that Covid deaths rose by 2,000 in the US in the past week.  Remember, at best VAERS captures 10% of vaccine deaths and adverse effects.” PCR
  • WATCH what the “jab” does to your blood! Sign me up!

Everyone LOVES!!!!!!!! Free Speech…

  • Except the “Biden” administration, working hard to force SM to ban anyone who says anything outside the satanic narrative. Jenny P: ““You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation, “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others for providing misinformation.” DailyCaller
  • Free Speech is (or “be”) “racist.” So, 550K idiot Brits signed a petition to ban it by requiring ID for online accounts. A trend we can look forward to. RT

Imperial Meddling

  • Yes, the USSA trained some of the killers of Haiti’s president. MSN. Is this more of the pattern of covert paramilitary failure? Or, could it be a COVIDiot plot to silence prominent dissent? Some folks see another pattern. ChuckBaldwin

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Blue Helmets in the USSA?

Not yet. But the retards at the fake “Biden” administration have invited the UN to investigate “racism” in the USSA. Yeah. al-FREAKIN-jazeera.

“ The administration of President Joe Biden has announced it has invited United Nations racism and human rights envoys to visit the United States as the treatment of minorities in the country continues to face scrutiny.

In the Tuesday announcement, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the US would also issue standing invitations to all UN envoys, known as special rapporteurs, who compile information on race and discrimination, and report back to the international organisation.”

Let me help get this started. There is rampant racism in the USSA – against White Europeans. In fact, we of the stale and pale variety have facing a White Genocide (I’d say nearing stage 8 now). “How realistic is the fear that American Whites could in due course face the kind of existential crisis now faced by South Africa’s Whites? While useful for rousing the troops so to speak most normies would consider the idea to be preposterous. After all, Whites still represent a clear (though rapidly declining) majority of America’s population, while the South African equivalent is less than 8%. ‘Whites’ own and control everything, not least 90% of the guns. * Let’s hope the normies are right. But the experience of the Russian Empire in the first half of the 20th century offers food for thought.” TOO

Incredibly, this is almost entirely an auto-genocide. UN, help us???

Whatcha think???

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