PREPPER POST NEWS – July 22, 2021 – Episode No. 200!

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 22, 2021 – Episode No. 200!


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It’s Thursday, July 22, 2021

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Let’s Get This Hoax Nonsense Out of the Way

  • Listen to Ann B’s Podcast, Episode 150, wherein she talks with 2 medical professionals about the horrors they are seeing (thanks to the “vaxx”) and what they see coming – it’s unsettling to say the least.
  • Ron Unz recaps his 2020-21 work on exposing the theories behind the hoax, including some recognition from China about the probable truth. This isn’t CNN or FOX BS here. UNZ
  • Fake COVI-Passes in France – for a price! This and riots aplenty (may they spread) in the wake of Baloney Macrony’s mandate decree. DailyMail. Note: the USSA Empire already decreed it would crack down hard on fake passes and “jab” cards.
  • Karl Denninger was right about the subscription thing. The UK is floating the idea of MONTHLY vaccinations – who has ever heard of anything like that before?! I’m sure the people will love it and that it will spread. DM
  • The fake vaccine is more dangerous than the engineered disease. “Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered the mRNA vaccine technology is concerned that the countries with the smallest percentage of their population vaccinated have the fewest number of new Covid cases.  Countries with the largest percentages of population vaccinated have surging numbers of new Covid cases. … The Pfizer vaccine is 3-5 times more likely to cause a male 12-17 years of age to be hospitalized than Covid itself.  For a female of the same age, the vaccine is 4-5 times more likely to cause hospitalization than Covid. Females 12-17 years of age are 72% more likely to die from the vaccine than from Covid.” But get it monthly… PCR

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The Rest of the Mess Today

  • Move over, CPAC! In a bid to be the most useless, subversive conservative idiots, TPUSA invited a porn star to talk to kids! Cannot make this stuff up… Salon
  • Big Tech is poison! Almost all of it. Meet Pegasus! No, not the flying horse. It’s an Israeli spy tool that somehow ended up going after the innocent. How many leaks and hacks will it take to prove the information age was a trap? Guardian
  • General Mark “He’s still there” Milley lied to and threatened Trump into idiotic foreign action – then he stabbed Trump in the back like the rest of the Pentagram. Again, he’s still there. Twitz
  • More DC lies! “Biden’s” infrastructure bill is sold as a modernization necessity. In reality, among many other nefarious things, it seeks to section 8 the hell out of the still normal areas of the nation and steal zoning power from locals. Gatestone 
  • Move over (and go to hell), Bill Gates! Why is China buying so much US farmland? Probably because we idiotically allow it. Poland and Slovakia have strict laws to stop things like this. They have much lower food prices too. Politico

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