PREPPER POST NEWS – July 26, 2021 – Wearing Thin – The Blame and the War Against Us

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 26, 2021 – Wearing Thin – The Blame and the War Against Us


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ALL!!! “COVID” Stories in the News

  • 2020: USSA life expectancy down – again. AP
  • Barred from the bar – in LA. Eateries close for hoax. LAeater
  • Lying to Congress. Will RP send Fauci to prison? (no…) Mediaite
  • Employers will probably try to coerce employees into death jab. Resist at all costs. Worth
  • The White House is working out a hoax-friendly “reporting” deal with FAUX News. CNN
  • Commies may can Sec. 230 if it allows “misinformation” – aka, they’ll protect the hoax. WSJ

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More Hoaxisms Today

  • Here are real stories about what the “vaxx” does. Reddit
  • 62% of Vaxx Vixx have permanent heart problems. Watch This.
  • Watch and Read: Dr. Peter McCullough urges extreme caution with Vaxx Poison. LRC
  • Another doctor tells provable lies in AL, only to be quoted all over the MSM by other liars. VP

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Today’s Featured Topic is: They’re Blaming Us For Their Evil

On today’s feature, in fact throughout the entire show, we’ll discuss the war on us. The bioweapon itself was weak. So they inflated the cases and deaths any way they could. Now, as they try to hook everyone on the death jab, they’re starting a new, rigged, fake “pandemic.” They’re blaming normal unvaccinated people for what is almost exclusively a “Vaxx,” ADE-related die-off. Read the following links for more information:

Legacy Food Storage

We’re wearing thin? I’m about sick and tired of them and their evil. The good news is their plans are failing and they are desperate. The bad news is there will be heavy damage. It’s already starting. It’s their fault, not yours.

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