PREPPER POST NEWS – July 28, 2021 – PinchGate

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 28, 2021 – PinchGate


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It’s Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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International Bits

  • While The USSA’s satanic cult government drinks childrens’ blood and molests them, the very real and righteous Russia nation arms for wars it can’t lose. UNZ
  • The USSA lost (pasted tense) the trade war with China – thanks to the cult. 2Minds
  • It’s no wonder, China and the rest ignore us now. They impose sanctions with impunity – and correctly. France24

The War at Home

  • The USSA economy is wrecked. The jobs and the money are not coming back. All this welfare for work, unemployment, HOAXID BS Is just BS. The foundation is destroyed and nothing will stand upon it. No wonder workers are quitting. VICE
  • GET OUT OF THE DAMNED SCHOOLS!!!!!! Read about this program – not the only one – which bypasses parents and allows the satanic schools to jab your children. Real school reform = raging fire! LRC

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Fighting the HOAX Today

  • Entire French hospital staff quits to fight Macron. RT
  • REAL French riot in the streets in defiance of the Cult of Death. RT
  • Italians too – also joined by their police – fight while making Nazi comparisons. RT
  • LONDON: mass rally of REAL British with calls for Nuremburg prosecutions and hangings! RT
  • USSA: millions of retarded lard-asses salivate over the coming opening of Gay Felonball League play! Oh…
  • Where does this go? We can speculate. Here’s an account of a 25-yp prediction based on things the Neocon Heretics would have heart attacks over. VP

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Today’s Featured Topic is: When They’re Not Drinking Kids’ Blood, They “Pinch” Them

On the nipples. Fake president and really satanic lowlife, Joe Greenscreen Biden’s only defense may be his advanced dementia. THIS, from 2015. And, HERE

Legacy Food Storage


We have a reporting victim and obvious video evidence. Yet, this is a conspiracy? WTH?

Whatcha think???

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