PREPPER POST NEWS – July 30, 2021 – The Homeschool Surge!

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 30, 2021 – The Homeschool Surge!


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Hoax News/Fake News in the News

  • The PCR tests are and were worthless. That’s why the CDC is very quietly getting rid of them. CDC.


  • Know the enemy. Australia cracks down on the people with vile rhetoric and violence. RT
  • Booster time! Oops, those fake vaccines that don’t work really stop working after 6 months. Better get ready for needles forever. Yahoo
  • Montclair, CA will require employees to wear stickers with their VAxX sTaTuS! Yellow stars are next. ABC7
  • Jackson, MS: look at all these perfectly healthy normal UnVaXxEd!!! People just dying away in the hospital. Breakthrough, indeed, with more clever lies. CBS”news.” “Edward Clifton is 38 [and 200 pounds overweight…]. When he showed up at the hospital sick with COVID, he didn’t even know he had underlying conditions: kidney failure and diabetes. He, too, is unvaccinated.”
  • But, wait! There’s more. “Higher COVID Rate Found In Some Counties With Higher Vaccination Rate – Why, And What It Says About The Delta Variant.” Yes, indeed! It says do not take this poison no matter what! CBS13
  • And … one more in a sec!

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More Headlines Today

  • The economy is just fine! That’s why we’re headed for the biggest meltdown in history! MarketWatch
  • A Thought: If 1-6(!!!!) was an insurrection, then why not make Ashli Babbitt’s killer a hero? Why hide him? AmGreatness
  • “Post-America.” “Election fraud affects all Americans, but what’s often not considered is the particularly negative impact it has on the historically disenfranchised black community, Joaquin Flores writes. This is a critical moment in American history, where 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats agree that the 2020 Election was stolen from Trump, as our cited polling data below makes clear. Confidence in American institutions also continues to decline, while a new Trafalgar poll shows that Harris inspires no confidence at all among 60% of Americans.” Strat-Culture
  • 8 Million new demoncrats! The invaders will be made “citizens.” It’s a done deal. Watch how fast evil, useless conservatives cave – again. It was always the demographics and this is the final nail. Adios Amerika! Bloomberg
  • Hard to tell as of shooting time, but CNN(!!!) said “Biden” was going to murder, er, “vaccinate” all USSA satanic cult employees. While I wholeheartedly support this strike for freedom against the enemies of God and the free People of America, I still don’t want millions of dead … ah, heck, get the jab and suffer the consequences, “heroes” and “servants.”

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Rise of Education

Real education in the dead USSA is returning thanks to the pandemic hoax. Let’s make all we can out of this silver lining. So says the AP:

“The rate of households homeschooling their children doubled from the start of the pandemic last spring to the start of the new school year last September, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report released this week.

Last spring, about 5.4% of all U.S. households with school-aged children were homeschooling them, but that figure rose to 11% by last fall, according to the bureau’s Household Pulse Survey.”

That 6-8 million educated children – more than attend all private schools. Please don’t let off the hammer – keep it going! I’d guess that .01% of government schools are “good,” along with 1-3% of private schools. There is no wrong way to homeschool and the benefits flow, even if it’s only being free of the evil system. And, yes, the system will notice this and attack. Be ready to fight back – hard!

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