PREPPER POST NEWS – July 6, 2021 – The New Face of “White” Terrorism

PREPPER POST NEWS – July 6, 2021 – The New Face of “White” Terrorism


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Abandon Mainstream Social Media Now

  • Bathhouse Tony, the war criminal, was named “Xir of the Year” by a bunch of atheists. LRC. Yeah, and he was about as Catholic as Jorge Bergoglio, about as Christian as Biden is president…
  • He gets awards, and Dr. Robert Malone, who blew the whistle on the mRNA tech he developed, gets banned by LinkedIn (rhymes with “not your friend”). EpochTimes
  • Farcebook, meanwhile, aims to keep its slaves safe by warning of “extremist content,” such as telling the truth, etc. ZeroHedge. Get. Off. Now.

PS: I like this troll version better:

Ditch the Poisonous MSM Too, Especially the Ads

  • Richard Houck, who tracks this kind of thing, has found one area in advertising where White People are almost exclusively represented – ads appealing to population elimination. Let. That. Sink. In. CounterCurrents

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  • “Another Pearl Harbor” is surefire BS for another false flag. Neocons know their time is running out and are desperate for blood. GP
  • The domestic situation is about to get tricky, in a Stalinesque sense. Zerohedge
  • David Frum reminds us of the left’s bias against the cognitive elite, which is kind of universal. There is a war on children, to include the gifted. ATlantic

“Biden” Gets Serious About Fighting “White Supremacy”

  • He may be a fake president, but old greenscreen has a plan to combat white people in the remains of the USSA. Just in time, too, as the evil DHS warns of the “perfect storm” of something or another. WND
  • HERE’S THE PLAN! 32 pages of complete bullshit. 

Part 1: Identify whites. Part 2: Eliminate whites. Part 3: Deny they ever existed. *Christians, heterosexuals, gun owners, business owners, normies, etc. are considered “white” for targeting purposes.

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Enemy

As we all know, “white supremacy,” meaning the existence of European People of any kind (except, possibly, self-eliminating homos) is the gravest threat facing the New USSA Tower of Babel. Let’s meet one of them:

*Mohammed the Morrocan Moor! Fresh from his anti-semitic klan rally, this “white terrorist” sports what CNN calls an AR-57 on his helmet. Another military assault cannon is featured in the background – so large it requires wheels. Other machine gun-like devices may be painted down the center of the road in evil white paint, but I haven’t checked my latest CIA BS news brief… 

Yes, meet the Moorish American Arms branch of ISIS or whatever. They brought the diversity show to Mass over the weekend. You know, MA, New England, the Pilgrims, and so forth. CBS4BOS. The AP, which says to lowercase the “w” in “white” and capitalize “B” or “M” in Black Moor (sung, with great praise!), says the group was arrested – probably due to “racism.”

Did you sing your Lee Greenwood song on Sunday? It might have been your last chance.

Whatcha think???

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