PREPPER POST NEWS July 9, 2021 – Compulsion?

PREPPER POST NEWS July 9, 2021 – Compulsion?


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It’s Friday, July 9, 2021

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Headline Stories in the News

  • The COVI, er, Delta, um, LAMBDA! Variant is sweeping the globe! This has to be more BS to distract from what the “vaxx” is doing. DailyMail
  • Hyperinflation worries have grocery stores racing to make as much money as possibly before it becomes totally worthless. First world problems… WSJ
  • This “Biden” character has gun buyers racing to grab guns before the Second Amendment is undone. Constitution problems… Yahooooooooo!
  • Having utterly failed, like any good CONservative moron, Bitch McConnell ponders his legacy. Let’s see … helped destroy the nation, check. And, that’s a wrap. Atlantic
  • “X” marks the forgotten Generation.

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Queerlines Today

  • They hate your kids. NEA embraces CRT. Now, GTFO! HOMESCHOOL! DailyCaller
  • Add “Z” to the Devil’s acronym??? This is the sickest story we’ve covered in a while. Meet the, um, …. ………. Animal lovers of the pride brigade. Keep your kids far away, especially if they’re not the sheep kind of kids… RT
  • A YT channel with no censorship issues! Here’s a PlgbtC(and Z?)-freindly group that really hits on the P – exposing children to the wonders of drags, fags, and more. Roosh noted that they did yank the one about the joy of child murder when the irony was too great even for the devil. Homeschool, lock the door, and maybe pull the plug. HiHo Kids! (Even with the rainbow letters…) YT (Home to the bestest communism since 1948!).

Now meet the millstone.


  • The US Empire has defeated itself in Afghanistan. Mission accomplished. So, leaving trucks and weapons behind, the troops slink away without telling anyone. DailyMail
  • Stop threatening and DO IT while you have time. Troops ponder leaving the Pentagram before mandatory death jabs. EpochTimes

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Pressure Is On

Will you give in and take the forced death jab?

“A growing number of countries and territories around the world are forcing people, often in specific sectors, to be vaccinated against COVID-19.” See the depressing list at MedicalXpress

“United States

The city of San Francisco has announced it will require all municipal employees to be vaccinated or they could face penalties up to and including dismissal.

The new rule will not take effect until the vaccines have received full approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, which has so far given the green light for their use on an emergency basis due to the pandemic.

More than 150 employees at the Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas have already been fired or resigned after failing to comply with orders to get a shot.”

Yours truly will not take this or any other poison for any reason. And I will treat anyone trying to force it on or in me as someone trying to murder me – which is precisely what it is.

Whatcha think???

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