PREPPER POST NEWS – June 18, 2021 – Weapons of War

PREPPER POST NEWS – June 18, 2021 – Weapons of War


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Good News, Bad News

  • Hey! After decades of offshoring, 83% of US manufacturers claim they want to soon bring back the supply chain. Too late? Thomas
  • This one has more to do with the next big section, about demographics, than economics, but Dr. Roberts does a great job describing how nations collapse. PCR
  • Collapsing states see their power grids fluctuate and fail. So, in Texas, the power company tells people to cut back, because of climate change or something. So much “green” power offline for some reason. KXAN
  • Georgia (US): the court of appeals in this failed state overturned a verdict against Planned Murder because baby murder might be “controversial,” but it is “lawful.” D-E-A-D state. AJC
  • “Biden” should use this one! In Germany, the totalitarian state fears that those terrible anti-lockdown (pro-freedom) groups just might be a breeding ground for right-wing extremists. You know what??? How horrible: a Germany for Germans with no lockdowns, masks, or other idiocy. I “can’t even.” RT

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Open Season on Whites

  • In France, a teacher had to quit and enter protective custody because he noticed a few changes in the local demographics. Let me help, buddy: No, Islam is not compatible with France, and no, secularism isn’t the answer. NYT
  • In the UK, White women are discouraged from filing rape reports when they are raped by Africans … because “racist.” This is SOP in other Euro countries, with possible jail time for “racism” – not rape. ZeroHedge
  • Hispanic? Asian? No, White – in the eyes of our demented, angry enemies. Sorry, lady, time for a beating. Watch this informative video from California. ABC7

“Racist” “White” woman attacks innocent black man’s fists with her head…

  • In Georgia and Alabama, the oppressed POX are literally hunting White Men. VP. “Justin Tyran Roberts, a 39-year-old black man, was targeting white males in his two day long shooting spree that spanned two states, according to police. Roberts is accused of shooting and wounding five people in Georgia and Alabama over the weekend.” Did he have the necessary tags for this hunt?!

On the “Lighter” Side

  • Garfield turns 43 tomorrow. That’s 188 in cartoon people years. Not too bad. Happy Birthday!

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: EZ ACCESS TO WEAPONS OF WAR

I’m not talking about the CORONA bioweapon, although that is also probably unsecure somewhere. 

The hellish left constantly bleats about “weapons of war on our streets” and how “only the military needs [x] weapons.” Yeah? Well how safe are those weapons in the hands of a collapsing USSA military? According to the AP, not very.

Over the past ten years, “your” armed forces have lost: 1,179 rifles, 694 handguns, 74 MACHINE GUNS, 36 GRENADE LAUNCHERS, 34 ROCKET LAUNCHERS!!!, 25 MOTORS, 11 shotguns, and 7 “other” weapons. Nice, huh.

Those lost (stolen) weapons are being used on the streets by the usual suspects. But there is a silver lining. We’ll discuss it, in purely abstract terms, on today’s show.

Whatcha think???

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