PREPPER POST NEWS – June 2, 2021 – Kids, Chickens, and Crime Waves

PREPPER POST NEWS – June 2, 2021 – Kids, Chickens, and Crime Waves


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Disturbances Today

  • Yesterday, I forgot the mass grave for 215 children in Canada. Why are there always mass graves for kids around governments and charities? BBC
  • Keep kids safe, and away from governments and charities. Here are some common tips. OP
  • HOMESCHOOL for added security. Or else witness garbage like this at public and private schools. “Justine Ang Fonte, who has said on her website that she has “reveled in disrupting health education for 10 years,” previously triggered parents after details from a “porn literacy” class for students at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School in New York went public. She is now the center of attention once again for her work at a similarly expensive New York school, Dalton, which costs over $50,000 a year to attend. Her sex education work there includes teaching six-year-olds about consent and masturbation.” RT

‘Stars and Stripes’ Forever?

  • The idiots of the GOP present the S&S Act, to help with flags and so forth. These being the fools who couldn’t conserve anything by keeping literal LGBTVPC and BLM out of America. RT

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More Headlines Today

  • NY Knicks nix unvaxxed. No jab, no NBA. DEAL! Outkick
  • Ivermectin surges despite war efforts from Big Gov and Big Biz. It works. Period. Zerohedge
  • The truth about the jab gets worse and worse. TOXIC. VP
  • Is there a war on food production? Watch these presentations, think about the current state of affairs, and decide. LRC
  • Better yet, prepare now for your own food situation. Eric has some suggestions. Yard Bird time! EPAutos

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Today’s Featured Topic is: A Criminal Summer

“Officials” are suddenly noticing the surge in violence in the USSA. WaPo

Legacy Food Storage

“As the nation marks Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of summer, many officials are concerned that this is a preview of what they could face in cities nationwide in coming months, when the onset of warm weather almost always marks a rise in violent crime. Some worry that the violence could be especially pronounced this season as Americans emerge back into society after a year of coronavirus-related shutdowns and restrictions.”

Blame the virus? Guns? Ma and Pa America? Anyone but those responsible. GET OUT OF THE CITIES!

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