PREPPER POST NEWS – June 28, 2021 – Fearing Backlash

 PREPPER POST NEWS – June 28, 2021 – Fearing Backlash


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Stunned and Furious

  • A nine-year-old girl in MN lambasted the school board after she found a BLM poster in her school. They should know better: schools are for rainbows. Good, kid, but the schools cannot be reformed. Homeschool Life Matters. EpochTimes
  • Decent Black parents are furious about the descent into educational ANC Marxism. (Note the rainbow in the classroom…). Great, folks, but HOMESCHOOLING works for Black People too. Newsweek

“Homecollege” Too

  • Another bubble pops. One good thing COVID gave us – if we take advantage. ZeroHedge

Welcome to Miami!

  • Collapsing Amerika. $1 million for an apartment that sinks and crashes. Yes, I’ve heard all the rumors. No, I don’t but you never know… Sad. SUN

The Ongoing War Crime

  • Jabbed? Better not fly. AA maintenance and staffing issues. Riiiight. DailyHeadlines
  • The Killer Protein Spike: EVEN MORE about the WMD jab of death. LRC
  • CDC finds a “likely” link between the poison and heart problems. CNBC
  • The fun of youth: masks, lockdowns, jabs, and … heart attacks. VP War. Crimes.
  • Babies too:

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Random Bits Today

  • A new flag for our new nation just might be what’s needed. Would even that wake the normies? UNZ
  • A nation of renters? Given the new, dead economy, this guy may have some points. Still what he describes is globalism on steroids and must be reversed and crushed if civilization is to continue. Bloomberg(archived)

F-15s and Nukes

  • “Biden” babbled pitifully about war or something. Very sad. InfoWars. Maybe it’s a projectionst attack on us?

You, the Joker

  • This is what they think of us: crazy comic book nuts and convicted felons, preparing for “civil war,” chatting with teens online. Avoid these types – if they even exist outside of the FBI. WaPo

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Wurzburg Horror Utterly Predictable Event

Some may recall the 2016 Wurzburg, GER knife invader attack. “A 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker, whose name has not been released, was shot dead by German police on Monday night after he attacked with an axe and knife and inflicted serious injuries on several passengers in a train near the southern German city of Würzburg, some 280 kilometers (174 miles) northwest of Munich.” The BIG NEWS was that, after the attack, the other foreign invaders were left in Fear of a Backlash (that never came). DW

If there had been a backlash, then this latest knife ENEMY INVADER attack wouldn’t have happened. Express (UK). Stirile (ROM). 

The good news is that, this time, it appears that German men (and one or two other “migrants”) decided to fight back before the Polizi showed up – with sticks and chairs. See the fun of DIVersity, here:

Kick. Them. Out.

Hey! At least he wore a mask…

Whatcha think???

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