PREPPER POST NEWS – March 1, 2021 – Inviting the Wrath of God

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 1, 2021 – Inviting the Wrath of God


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Pure Evil in DC

Many people got a laugh when some retard in Congress ended the inaugural “prayer” for the opening of the 117th Congress with “amen and AWOMAN.” Few caught that the fool offered the prayer to Brahma, a pagan “god,” and thus, a demon. Your Congress operates under demonic control.

That was on full display last Thursday when they debated the so-called Equality Act, which will give special rights to mentally-deranged freaks, pedophiles, and eventually, cannibals. That’s bad enough, but, given all that’s fallen in the dead USSA, it’s almost fitting. Luciferian Representative Jerry Nadler (D-Hell) made clear the position of his people and the standard of the USSA government (one and the same, really). Following a condemnation of the Act by what passes for a Christian in the House, Nadless said: “what any religious tradition describes as God’s will is not relevant to this congress.” 

God is irrelevant to this congress. I’d imagine that at this late hour, they are irrelevant to Him. The remarks came at 03:02:15-ish in THIS CSPAN VIDEO. And, yes, perhaps not coincidentally, the fat freak from Noo Yawk was wearing 2 idiots masks.

Fat, depraved, stupid, and afraid. NOT an American.

You are not voting your way out of this.

Whatcha think???


Lies and Rumors in the News

  • Fat, stupid police chief speaks: “We know that members of the militia groups that were present on January 6th have stated their desires that they want to blow up the Capitol and kill as many members as possible with a direct nexus to the State of the Union, which we know that date has not been identified,” she told members of Congress, referring to Biden’s coming first address to a joint session of Congress.” Militias won’t, God might. NBCnews
  • Did you know Creepy Joe already missed one date for the SOTU? Nancy wants his nuke codes too. VP

War, War, War

  • On you: Based on the success of the fake war on terror, the DOJ wants to expand it – against you. Yahoo
  • They want your guns too. Rev. Baldwin gets it: “As any genuine Liberty-loving constitutionalist can easily see, any one of these proposed gun control laws is totally and thoroughly unconstitutional. And any genuine Christian should easily see that any one of these proposed gun control laws is totally and thoroughly unscriptural. Taken together, these proposals form a massive assault against our right to keep and bear arms.”
  • How it might look, based on Kamala’s war in the ME: USSA bombs Syria (in “self-defense” over something Iran didn’t do in Iraq. A grand ass-kicking is coming, just wait… AP

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Legacy Food Storage

“Health” in the USSA

  • Bill Gates allegedly wants to use GMO mosquitoes to spread his poison vaccines. He’s already used the bugs, sans dope. Hitler should have thought of this. GGIndia
  • Creepy Joe’s mentally-ill, evil, sodomite, freak trainwreck of a HHS appointee, He/She/It (((Levine))), wants to mutilate children. InfoLiberation
  • A new low in government school child abuse? Move over, SC plexiglass! These rats in Washington State keep the kids sealed in bug tents. Homeschool or have your children treated like condemned termites. RT


Here’s a preview of the safety of your digital dollars – the Fed can’t even secure their own damned computers. “The US Federal Reserve announced Wednesday it is investigating a disruption to services including Fedwire, which facilitates trillions of dollars in wire transfers between institutions every day. According to updates from the Federal Reserve, the massive disruption to services was caused by an “operational error”. “We acknowledge that payment deadlines are impacted and will communicate remediation efforts to our customers when available. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve the issue,” the institution said in an update on the situation. As of 2.30pm Eastern Time Wednesday, almost all services – including Fedwire and FedACH, which allow numerous banks to transfer and receive billions in funds – were down, but several have since been restored.” Nice, huh? RT

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