PREPPER POST NEWS – March 10, 2021 – Normal is Bad, Shocking

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 10, 2021 – Normal is Bad, Shocking


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Back in Clownworld

David French, a fake rightist, laments that Christians (of course), don’t care about the health of their community. He thinks it’s great that the population might be reduced by 69%, but finds the faithful abhorrent. 

The SUN is “shocked,” shocked I tell you, that kids in Idaho burned their satanic face diapers in a trash can. 

So, being normal – not dressing like a bandit and not wanting poison – is bad…

Whatcha think???


Healthy Living?

  • From the UK: why do the Karens hate normal people going outside? And why do conservatives refrain from effective rhetoric? ConWoman
  • Infertility time! Is the rise of Gardasil to blame? It fits the trend. LRC


  • Rewiring Alpha. The youngest generation grows up with smart screens everywhere. And that is altering their brains – and not, as you might imagine, for the better. StudyFinds

Mo Money!

  • A short breakdown of the extreme cost of “rescuing” “America.” TomD/LRC

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Cultural Collapse

  • “Joe Biden” plans to get revenge on China and Iran for all that election meddling. No, wait, it’s … Russia. They are pushing us towards a war we cannot win. RT
  • It’s effective rhetoric if “they” ban it! BlueAnon… PostMil
  • The Great Amerikan Junkyard. Roosh notices that we get a high quantity of low quality – everything. RV


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