PREPPER POST NEWS – March 12, 2022 – Situational Awareness Saturday

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 12, 2022 – Situational Awareness Saturday


-Always Ready – Always Informed-

Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s Saturday, March 12, 2022

Here’s what you need to know.

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Headline Stories in the News

  • Even Jerry Brown is a prepper now. AP
  • Did you hear about something called “inflation?????” Yeah, wow. Time
  • Half of Americans job-hopped last year. That might still make sense if you need more money, need a better fit, and/or can get out of the cities. Take care. CNBC
  • The idiots at the CIA may get something right, who knows? Burns probably knows little of the strategy unfolding, but he is right that this could get VERY BAD really quick. NPR
  • Pay attention – to the subtitles – 1) it’s a multi-party civil war, among other things; 2) when ordinary people get bombed, they don’t care who does it, and; 3) RUS is well prepared to fight a much stronger enemy than Ukraine.

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

We’ll discuss how all these events are already affecting us and what might happen (if it gets very bad. Something is happening, with or without a full-blown WW3.

Review your plans.

Heighten your recon, op-sec, and networking.

Legacy Food Storage

Hit the basics: food, water, fuel, parts, meds, heat, clothing, arms, tools, cash, and other monies, etc, etc, etc.

Maybe start going beyond stockpiling and towards independent production.

Avoid large cities, especially those on the coasts.

Avoid military bases, military manufacturing areas, and critical infrastructure.

Maybe avoid large gatherings.

Watch out for any new, odd members in your (whatever) group. There are probably multiple and very different groups who would love to set you up or dupe you.

Silence is golden.

Keep the faith, keep positive, entertain the young, and do not believe the pols or the MSM.

Whatcha think???

As always, we appreciate your patronage! 

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