PREPPER POST NEWS – March 18, 2021 – Invasion, Insanity, and Electronic Voting Fraud

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 18, 2021 – Invasion, Insanity, and Electronic Voting Fraud


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War, and MORE!

  • “Teens” will be housed – at your expense – at the Dallas Convention Center. Thousands of them, newly arrived and ready to take everything they can. More are coming. AP
  • Surprise, surprise! Terrorism suspects are sneaking in with the rest of the exalted invaders. WashTimes
  • Foreign hordes enter freely while we’ve been locked up (or down) for a year. Nice. Have we learned anything? No. AIER
  • You protest a stolen election and the FBI attacks. Antifa burns a federal showtrial house and … nothing. PJM
  • Remember Nashville? Christmas 2020? No, no one does. But the report is in! After an extensive cover-up, the FBI declares “nothing to see here!” Yeah, about that… Tennesean

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Hard Proof of Election Fraud!

  • Arrests have now been made! Two culprits are in jail for rigging the electronic votes in the 2020 Election! For Homecoming Queen. In FLA… Justice and stuff… LMTonline
  • Italy has a “jab” for Big Dope Dealer – a criminal investigation for manslaughter regarding “vaccine” deaths. About. Damned. Time. DailyMail
  • Shooting kids! No, this isn’t another “teen” story to be covered up by the MSM. Big Dope wants to “jab” your children with the poison drug. The Bible tells us what to do to these monsters. MSN
  • Biden looks to ‘shots in arms and money in pockets’ to reignite faith in government…” Well, I’m convinced – that this party is over. LAT/Yahoo
  • A must-read and a sober look at 82 years in American/Amerikan history. This is not the nation we knew in 1940, 1960, 1980, or even 2010. PCR

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Today’s Featured Topic is: IDENTITY > Culture > politics

Like it or not, that’s the order. When a people, like the English, surrender their nation and who they are, this is what they get. Vox has some words about a British murder, a dead culture, and a people gone utterly insane. VP. Notice anything like this where you live?

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