PREPPER POST NEWS – March 19, 2021 – Guns, God, and Hoaxicide

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 19, 2021 – Guns, God, and Hoaxicide


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Fakery in the News

  • Everything is fake. Trump’s “pressure” call to Georgia was, unsurprisingly, a manufactured hoax. OANThat [WaPo] correction was placed at the top of the original article on their conversation. It clearly states the President never asked the official to “find the fraud,” or suggested she’d be a national hero if she did.” They lie about everything else too.
  • Greenscreens? I’m aware of the hype. Look at this video. That’s the real Biden and he really looks like a frail man drugged and abused by his hellish handlers. 

This is elder abuse.

  • RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA! BlueAnon simply will not give up on this ridiculous, dangerous hoax. CNBC
  • The handlers are pushing poor old Joe into pushing for war with Russia – all over the nonsense hoax of which there is zero evidence. “Killer?” Not that old Joe knows better, but Vlad is not Corn Pop. Won’t end well… RT

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“They” Want Total Control

  • They want the last of your money. This new, rumored law isn’t about savings, it’s about stealing from the working poor and giving graft to bankster criminals. 401K reasons to distrust this plan. MarketWatch
  • They literally want to mass-poison the wells. Poison in the water: “Compulsory Moral Bioenhancement Should Be Covert.” Read this Insane, Evil Proposal. They’re planning another war crime in plain sight.

The Great North Korean Mining Disaster?

  • I couldn’t find commentary from the “miners,” but I understand NK is predictably using slave (prison) labor to extract and export coal for profit. That the one, Andrew? While the West shivers and fades under solar and wind idiocy, commies get rich off of Old King Coal?? A story from TheGuardian.

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The Unhappy Ending in Atlanta

You’re undoubtedly heard about the shootings and murders at the “massage parlors” in Georgia. Here’s a list of relatively-up-to-date stories. I was immediately skeptical and I’ll explain why. 8 dead and it is terrible, but we’re being lied to – as usual.

The “Gun and God” scare-angle. DailyMail

US Fake News account. NBC

Local Lies. AJC

Already backtracking. SUN

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