PREPPER POST NEWS – March 2, 2021 – Chemical Warfare

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 2, 2021 – Chemical Warfare


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Poisoning Ourselves

Here’s more on the reported trend in human dysgenics and the plastic menace. Medium.

“Many men today have just half the number of sperm their grandfathers had. The shocking discovery was published in 2017 by Shanna Swan, PhD, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York.

After analyzing 185 studies involving nearly 45,000 healthy men, Swan and her team found that over the past four decades, sperm counts among men in Western countries had dropped by more than 50%.

Why the huge decline? Swan says many factors are at play — alcohol use, smoking, body weight, and a lack of exercise are a few. But she has zeroed in on another, more insidious cause: exposure to common chemicals that interfere with the body’s production of hormones.”


Whatcha think???

Perrin welcomes an early spring???


Legacy Food Storage

Headline Stories in the News

  • 31 Reasons to Avoid the “Jab.” As stated by Rabbi Chanaya Weissman (IS). LRC
  • Could it be that Mike Snyder is coming around to Christian Nationalism??? On the heels of the reported increase in lgbtqwtfetc, he’s almost ready to move from politics to culture! Next stop: identity! EndAmDream
  • OutFOXing FAUX? Or, faux news? Al Jazeera is planning a right-wing USSA media. Yes… ZeroHedge
  • Up in Arms…Almost… Vox Day takes on a CIA glowie who says it’s time to fight … almost… This is gatekeeping, BTW. VP
  • You: The Domestic Terrorist. What you may expect: “Mohamedou Ould Slahi spent 14 years shackled in the world’s most notorious detention centre where he was beaten, sexually assaulted and starved — despite never being charged with a crime...” DailyStar

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Would You Drive a Solar-Powered Car?

  • If the sun was out, maybe. Is this an idea whose time has come, or is it yet another farce? StamfordAdvocate

Mordor News Today

  • The State Department is angry that one of their own quotes the Bible and thinks White People should exist. Can they “do away” with him? Politico
  • Welcome, Creepy Joe! To legal landia, ala Trump! “Federal judge deals Biden another blow on 100-day deportation ban. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton granted a preliminary injunction that blocks the moratorium the Biden administration announced on its first day.Politico
  • How is this a surprise??? “As prominent economists, Republican lawmakers and some market analysts raise alarm bells about the risks of overspending and overstimulating the economy, the Biden administration has found a surprising ally: the Federal Reserve.” To wreck a nation and an economy, one really, really needs a central bank. It only makes sense that the Fed is Joe’s ally here. MSN

THE LAST WORD…Buying the Farm

Why is Bill Gates now the USSA’s largest owner of farmland? NYPost

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