PREPPER POST NEWS – March 22, 2021 – Day of the Millstone

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 22, 2021 – Day of the Millstone


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It’s Monday, March 22, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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News of the “Nation”

  • This is ELDER ABUSE. I am legitimately worried about Joe Biden. It’s not even a little funny what these monsters are doing to him. RT

This is slow-motion murder before our eyes…

  • Biden’s abusers are destroying the US’s last ability to win a war. They can’t even defeat Tucker. TownHall
  • Biden’s abusers want the USSA to become the third-world. A Texas Democrat Sheriff says the border is completely open. NYPost
  • Ann C explains the GOP’s role in the abuse and the destruction. The conservatards are worse because they lie. Taki
  • We can’t fly them home, but we can fly them to the Northern Border. Amazing. Canada, Bill, better watch out. SeattleTimes

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

The “Culture”

  • “Whiteness” is a pandemic, says a malcontent racist in dire need of deportation. Yahoo
  • The ATL spa shooting narrative continues to devolve. Blame the cops? White people? How about the suspect’s “church” throwing him rapidly under the bus? His parents too. AugustaChronicle
  • Happy? The subtle push, amidst the greater war, is on to keep normal people from having children. This is evil. CNBC
  • A MUST Listen. Ann B sits down with the lovely Vanessa and discusses some urgent social trends and the horrible effects on our culture. AnnBPodcast
  • Expanding the Rainbow: Miami vet tries adding “B” for Beastiality to the devil’s acronym. He’s also (allegedly) a pedo. MiamiHerald

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Fag Queen Pedo Hour

I called this three years ago. A JUDGE! In Wisconsin was arrested for child porn and rape. He’s a drag queen of the story hour brigade. Sodomite males like these deviants are 14 times more likely to molest children than normal men. There’s a reason why tolerance is intolerable. There is a reason Jesus called for the Millstone – this is it. BLPolitics

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