PREPPER POST NEWS – March 23, 2021 – Fake News, Real Problems

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 23, 2021 – Fake News, Real Problems


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It’s Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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BS Stories in the News

  • “Your” government is lying to you again. Iran has reason to retaliate against the USSA, but this story about Ft. McNair makes zero sense. One giveaway is the casualty backtracking on the Iranian airstrikes last year. They expect you to forget, they expect you not to notice. AP
  • Invaders released without court dates? You betcha! Only 1 out of 10 maybe reports as-is, so why not? Unlike Iran, this is a real invasion, thus they treat it like a DNC voter drive. FAUX
  • Like the nation, the economy is DEAD. Here’s a report on the little things that make real prosperity impossible. LRC
  • Miami, 2021. Click this DailyMail link and look at the pictures, which I won’t discuss on the show. Does this in any way resemble America?

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Real Issues

  • “They” tell us masculinity is “toxic.” People are taking the message home and, yes, there is now a crisis. MikeS
  • Canada: Real men, fathers are railroaded aside by the Trans-Judicial tyranny. “A judge even stated that his interviews with the media, in which Hoogland referred to Maxine as his daughter and said things like “her DNA will not change through all these experiments that they do,” may be considered “family violence.” RT
  • Wisconsin: If your child misses school, which isn’t a school nor in session, expect a fine from the tyrants. Guardian
  • Frankfurt school. 1960s. 1980s. Conservatards finally notice “indoctrination” in the “schools.” Herland


  • Hey! When you’re dehydrated, try drinking water… StudyFinds
  • Hey! When you’re a president and you wisely protect your nation from medical genocide, expect to be murdered by the cabal. “After weeks of being out of the public eye, Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has died [at] age 61, according to the country’s Vice President. The global press are reporting the death of Tanzania’s “Covid denying President” with barely disguised glee.” OffG

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The “C” is coming…

I am dead serious when I say that cannibalism is the next, and perhaps final frontier in the devil’s acronym. It’s unconscionable, savage, primitive, and fetishized – thus, perfect for the luciferians. Here’s another, very illustrative story from Louisiana about the trend. Warning: it’s disturbing. “A Lafayette man used a dating app as a “hunting ground” and lured a man he met on the app to a home where he planned on killing him to keep parts of his body as “trophies” and “food,” according to court documents.” DailyAdvertiser

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