PREPPER POST NEWS – March 23, 2022 – 4/5G Info Warfare

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 23, 2022 – 4/5G Info Warfare


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Headline Stories in the News

  • Way to go, FAUX NEWS! Let an old Nazi brag about UA Nazis!
  • Is the Werewest settling for parity with Iran? JPost
  • They’re certainly acting stupid in the Med. I would not want to be on the Truman right now. USNI

Zircon Targets:

  • More idiotic NATO game. M104 to Slovakia (aka, Dagger targets). RT
  • Are we in for a famine? Larry Johnson looks into it. Andrei

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More Headlines Today

  • No compromise? This, territory and all, is not in Ze’s hands. RT
  • Planning a party! Will the be a US 250th to celebrate? Probably. Probably not for 260. WSJ
  • Elsewhere, China sides with the new free world. GT “Right now, when the military conflict in Ukraine is getting increasingly serious under Washington’s provocation, and when the energy and refugee crises become more and more severe in Europe, the US’ smear campaign will only unmask it as the initiator. More and more people will see the true face of the US – an “empire of lies.”
  • The extreme cost of NOT using Ivermectin: 800K lives:
  • As the narrative of the MSM liars shifts, one thing is clear: the toll on the ordinary people is high. 10 M have been “uprooted” in UA. WSJ


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An insider (Crimea) gives an account of what is really going on in UA:


“Of course, before the start of the special operation, the enemy had an overwhelming superiority over us in information resources. It is understandable: the West controls the main information flows in the world, and it has very serious information “troops”. And we see that, especially in the first days of the hot conflict, an attempt was made at an information blitzkrieg in order to convince the population of Russia, to inspire them with the idea not to support the special operation. However, this conditional blitzkrieg failed, and the level of support for the actions of the Russian military in our society remained very high. This once again shows that it is not necessary to absolutize Western information weapons: yes, they can displace all other opinions, but only in their own environment, where they practically control everything.

Why did Russia immediately begin to clean up the information space? That is, they began to systematically eliminate all media resources associated with the enemy on the territory of the country (at the moment, The Echo of Moscow radio station, The Village, TJournal, Snob, Interlocutor, St. Petersburg Paper, Dozhd TV channel (recognized as a foreign agent), Media Zones (recognized as a foreign agent), “Medusa” (also included in the register of media-foreign agents) – ed.)? Because there are a lot of these media structures in Russia and in the current situation they had, according to the plan of their Western curators, to shoot together at the consciousness of the Russian audience. This did not happen, but the cleanup will continue in any case: those resources that have clearly indicated their connection with our external enemies will, of course, be closed.

On the Internet we see positional information battles with the movements of crowds of “commentators”. This will all happen, because information warfare is a very important part of any modern war. It is obvious that on our side there were various shortcomings, mistakes, miscalculations related to the issues of conducting information operations. But this is eliminated already along the way: what does not correspond to reality is dying literally before our eyes. What can, adapts and changes. As a matter of fact, the Russian media machine that we have will change along with the whole country. Accordingly, those who cannot will remain on the sidelines of history. And those who can, will go ahead. After all, the conflict is not limited to one current special operation — it is a long conflict of the Cold War level.”

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