PREPPER POST NEWS – March 24, 2021 – Prepping the Next Hoax

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 24, 2021 – Prepping the Next Hoax


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It’s Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Great News from FP!

  • We’re building a store! COMING SOON! Etc.

Q couldn’t bring THE STORM … FP Will!

Oh, the Places You WON’T Go!

  • A review of how the current hoax decimated travel by air. WSJ
  • If they ever let the little people fly again, you’ll need the poison pass… BBC
  • Bill Gates is flying less! And eating fake meat! And planning more of his brand of … stuff. CNBC
  • Flying, or doing anything else … “they” are watching. Take a Clear View of the issue of AI facial recognition. If you dare. NYTimes

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Random Craziness Today

  • Remember the hoax predictions? 2.2 million USians dead by June of 2020? All fake. AIER
  • Psyops are alive and well. The UK, MI6 understands unrestricted warfare and they use it against Russia. And … who else? RT
  • MORE FAKE NEWS! The Dept. of Justice [SIC] says the 1 / 6 !!!!! insurrection was sedition. MSN
  • “Biden’s” approval ratings. All of this assumes Biden is president … so, fake. Gallup

Reading Time!

  • It’s just a book review of Two Hundred Years Together (2002) by Solzhenitsyn. But, it’s a 14,000-word review of an 1,100 page book. Heavy, yes, but worth it maybe as it may help explain why certain parties in the USSA hate Russia (and us). UNZ

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Today’s Featured Topic is: They’re REALLY Laying The Foundation For The Next Hoax

At the rate the fake news is pouring out, I wonder when we’ll hear about the first alien attack. I wonder how long it will take the masses to fall for it. For fun, I’ll guess 72 hours…

“WHEN the Aliens Arrive…” Academic speculation, paid surely.

Legacy Food Storage

DNI Has “SECRET” Evidence… “The U.S. has evidence of UFOs breaking the sound barrier without a sonic boom and making maneuvers impossible with known technology, the former Director of National Intelligence has revealed.

The revelations increased excitement about a forthcoming report detailing what the U.S. government has observed.

John Ratcliffe, who served as Donald Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, said that many of the incidents still have no easy explanation.” They really do… DailyMail.

Whatcha think???

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