PREPPER POST NEWS – March 24, 2022 – In Soviet Amerika Russia School Teach You?

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 24, 2022 – In Soviet Amerika Russia School Teach You?


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  • Meta is an extremist terrorist company – banned in RUS. Reuters
  • NATO should be scared. LarryJohnson
  • They got hammered. Sonar21
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“The transition from anthropocentric to subject-centric education. In the USSR, teachers were evaluated by how much they knew their subject and could teach it to schoolchildren, and children by how well they mastered the disciplines they taught. The West imposed an alternative model on us – it is important that the student develops and receives “competences” (which have not yet learned to be measured), and not knowledge. Claiming the role of civilization, we must return to the Soviet approach.

Rejection of inclusion. There should be special schools and teachers who can work with children with special needs.

A fundamental change in the role of the teacher.In the Soviet school, the teacher was always right and acted as a moral authority. (Recall “We’ll live until Monday.”) Other situations were analyzed in detail. Now a teacher is a slave of parents, a director, instructions, the Internet, mobile phones… It has long been known that learning requires a carrot and a stick. How can you teach if you cannot kick out or expel those who cannot and do not want to learn?

The result is clear – you can’t find a good teacher in Moscow, and things are even worse in the provinces. According to sociologists, half of Russian schoolchildren use the services of tutors.”

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