PREPPER POST NEWS – March 25, 2021 – False Flags and Free Speech

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 25, 2021 – False Flags and Free Speech


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Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa???

  • It’s a repeat of last week. Another right-wing White supremacist targeted Asians with gun violence during another hateful hate crime. We’d better impeach Donald Trump yet again. Russia! Or, it could be this.
  • No, it turns out the shooter was a Trump hater. He was an incel. Possibly a madman. And he is either Muslim or he has a very Muslim-sounding name. Will the MSM call this a case of Islamic Supremacy targeting White people? DailyMail. 10 people are dead and I have more questions than I care to share. False flag? Boomers standing around? No other guns to fight back? Gun control agenda? Well, we certainly have some tactical prepper discussions thanks to this episode. Lessons to learn.

Lessons to Learn

  • Of course, few lessons were learned from Waco – 28 years ago! LRC
  • We have a Camp of the Saints scenario unfolding in the USSA. “Biden” is booking hotel and resort rooms for foreign invaders – while homeless Americans sleep in the gutter. Axios
  • “Biden” just rammed through $2 Trillion in graft spending to stimulate something. Now, immediately thereafter, it’s time for another round – $3 Trillion. MSN

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Other Pressing Matters

  • West Virginia may ditch the state income tax. Given all else, that’s very good. ChiTrib
  • This is the USSA, so nothing is more important than what happens in Israel. A guide to their fourth corrupt election in two years. I like the right-wing nationalist party. CBN
  • A BIG FAT Problem! USians have gained an average of 29 pounds since the hoax started. The hoax wherein a virus targets the heavyset. Ironic, no? APA
  • Get your kids out of the government’s “schools.” Then, prepare to be literally, criminally attacked by the government’s “teachers” and agents. So many lessons in the must-read article from VA. DailyWire

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