PREPPER POST NEWS – March 26, 2021 – How We Come Out Ahead

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 26, 2021 – How We Come Out Ahead


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It’s Friday, March 26, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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Daily “Medical Misinformation” – so nice being free of YT!

  • COVID is just a bad cold. MRA “vaccines” are not vaccines. This could get really ugly. But there are very easy ways to really protect yourself as Bill Sardi explores in an excellent article at LRC.
  • Europe in lockdown again – like a giant prison. Guardian
  • Of course, “conservatives” like Benny Shapiru support MANDATORY not-vaxx. Get it yet? Not your friends. VP
  • And, real conservatives, please stop with the mainstream socials. Yes, that’s where the mask maniacs hang out, idiotic opinions and all. Crisis

Crime and Terror

  • “Big Floyd” had a pattern of self-destructive behavior. Watch this 2019 arrest video and remember all this when the next BLM riots start. FOX
  • Ahmad proves my first law of terrorism again. Of course, the feds knew who he was – they probably programmed him. DailyMail

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More Headlines Today

  • Mike Snyder may be coming around about the ulterior motive behind the “aliens.” God. EAD
  • Camp cooking with Lilly! Friday VIDEO! It’s YT, but it’s okay because Lilly. SurvivalLilly
  • Weekend Reads! Go to page seven HERE and see what Walter Block and David Iglesias say about UBI. Oddly, it’s not what the commie pols say…

Thank You For Your Deviance?

  • Real conservatives: we long ago lost the military. They’re LGTB+ now and overtly anti-Christian. Lawrence Vance has the scoop. LRC. But, this is ultimately good news for us…

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Liking the Odds

It’s the feminized, diverse, tranny-ized military that will be called on to FORCE you to “take the jab.” However, as this inspirational story shows, 11 “soldiers” are easily subdued by one lunatic with one pistol. Imagine… WAFB9

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