PREPPER POST NEWS – March 4, 2021 – No. 100!

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 4, 2021

No. 100!


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It’s Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The 100th PPN Podcast!

To celebrate I’ll showcase some cool new Freedom Roasters Coffee products, services, and news! Then, we’ll get to the news…

Whatcha think???


The News! The Next Hoax…


  • About a year ago, based on trends, I forecast my idea for what the next hoax will involve – aliens.

Two. For fun, predicting the next hoax:

“Mars Attacks! This is just thinking outside the mask (which is dangerous and ineffective), for a second, in anticipation of the next con job. I heard that the US Space Force(!) ran a recruiting ad in an attempt to crew the good Starship Trumperprise, WTF-666 (Braggart-Class Crui$er). Boy, you’ll be glad they did when the mean old Martians finally come calling. No, you won’t ever see one. Nobody you know will either. But, some paid celebrities will claim to have been abducted, only to be rescued by Luke Debtwalker. Parades will be held. Endless TV press conferences. We’ll be admonished to thank our “Heroes of the Helios” for their service. Here, wear this mind-control helmet so the aliens can’t read your thoughts! It was ET bombing those houses, honest. The Death Star took out the housing market. We’ll need the last vestiges of your liberties, please. They probably won’t say “please,” but you get the idea. Most will go along happily – if fearfully.”

  • The same people who call me a “crazy conspiracy theorist” for saying this will say the same thing when I call BS on the in-progress operation. I’m serious about that one, as I’ll explain on the show. Mike Snyder sees it coming too. Of course, he appears to believe it’s real – he’s falling for the next hoax in advance. 

OH, BOY Factor…

“Obviously the entities that are operating these craft are highly advanced, and they appear to have technology that we do not currently have.

But are they friend or foe?

Statements that were recently made by someone that was a top official in Israel’s space program for 30 years have sparked a lot of speculation…

Legacy Food Storage

If Haim Eshed is to be believed [HE IS NOT], the “aliens” are already here and the U.S. is already cooperating with them.

That makes it sound like we don’t have anything to be concerned about.

But other experts have come to a completely different conclusion.

Temple University history professor David Jacobs has been studying the alien abduction phenomenon for decades, and he believes that these “aliens” have a deeply malevolent agenda…

The truth is out there, but as far as UFOs are concerned, most people are going to continue to believe whatever it is that they want to believe.”


Crazy Culture

  • Dr. Seuss, as you might have guessed, is racist. AJC
  • Public “schools,” Boston: education is racist. WGBH
  • CIA Glowie-Supreme Brennan: White Males are racist. He’s embarrassed by us. Can we kick him out? FAUX

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

National Matters

  • A nurse explains how the flu magically disappeared. AnnB
  • More than enough evidence … a wee bit late. WND
  • “Q” is back! Well, he’s not, but the MSM is lying about a new fantasy anyway. The return of President Trump?!?!?!? We’ll, er, know, today. SUN


Leaked video shows the January 2020 Iranian pinpoint missile attack in Iraq. RT

Imperial Drone Footage

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