PREPPER POST NEWS – March 5, 2021 – Unrestricted War Crimes

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 5, 2021 – Unrestricted War Crimes


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Hoax Crimes

JPost reports that the ICC has opened an investigation into Israeli and Hamas war crimes in Gaza. It’s a war and there probably are crimes on both sides. That’s terrible but it pales in comparison to the scope of what is happening internationally with the HOAX!

What the Fake News won’t tell you:

From WION, India: Pfizer is attempting to overrule the sovereignty of Argentina and Brazil. 

“Pfizer was still not happy and demanded the law be amended through a new decree, which Argentina refused. Pfizer then asked Argentina to buy an international insurance to pay for potential future cases against Pfizer, to which the country agreed.

In December 2020, Pfizer came back with more demands, and demanded sovereign assets as collateral. Pfizer wanted Argentina to put its bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings at stake. Vaccine manufacturers have always enjoyed a certain amount of liability waiver. Say you receive a vaccine from Pfizer and then you have adverse effects because of the jab.

But only if something goes wrong unintentionally, and this does not apply to negligence. But Pfizer wanted more – Not just sovereign assets but a fraud insurance, something with which Argentina did not agree with.

I can’t imagine why the NYT and FOX aren’t reporting this.

Legacy Food Storage

Whatcha think???


This, the above, is UNRESTRICTED WARFARE.

Please click that link and read the short book.

Hoaxline Stories in the News

  • Body fat may inhibit Pfizer’s “vaccine.” Good or bad news for the majority of Amerikans? SUN
  • Pfizer “vaccine” allegedly killed 25% of victims at a German nursing home – forcefully administered. Watch the disturbing video. Defender
  • First lawsuit filed to stop mandatory “vaccination” in the USSA, in NM. Good luck with that… MSN
  • Meanwhile, with the USSA in the grips of the worst hoax in recorded history, Joe Biden, or his handlers/abusers, are trying to flood the USSA with even more third-worlders, possibly all of them. A good idea? RT

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Collapse in Progress

  • Trump’s second term? Probably not. “Trump is a populist, but the country is too far gone for that. A revolutionary is required, and the revolutionaries are all on the anti-white woke left.PCR
  • The divided nation: Nearly ⅓ of USians want the country broken up. That will happen though probably not along the simplistic lines they map out. StudyFinds
  • Many people are already actively preparing for the breakup. They are, as I counsel, moving out of the cities – in permanent droves. Most are moving to the pretty, popular places, which is probably a mistake. If you want to live in peace, go where most people don’t want to live or where they find it hard to live. EconCollapse

THE LAST WORD…Persecution

“Dede Laugesen, of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, reports [to Steve Bannon] 340 million Chrisitians were persecuted globally last year, the most in history.” I’d say that’s an underestimation. And it’s another story the MSM is strangely silent about. War Room

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