PREPPER POST NEWS – March 9, 2021 – Explaining the 70%?

PREPPER POST NEWS – March 9, 2021 – Explaining the 70%?


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Today’s Featured Topic is: Mo Money!

The American Rescue Plan – let that name sink in. $2 Trillion for pork, debt, etc. No $15 minimum wage, etc. 50-49 passage in the Senate. Blah. Read more at ZeroHedge. And, our dear friends at the Fed nearly doubled the money supply last year! Mo Money! Duran 

Whatcha think???


Suffer the Children

  • “According to CDC, 96 percent of schoolchildren still unsafe for full-time, in-person learning. Many are antsy to get kids back in school.” I’d say 100% but what do I know. TheHill
  • Minister Farrakhan knows! “Vial of death!” is what he wisely calls the “vaccine.” Usual suspects upset. DailyCaller
  • Gov. Abbot has reopened Texas! 100% StateOfTX
  • “Biden” calls Abbot names: Biden blasts Texas, Mississippi for lifting Covid-19 restrictions: ‘No time for Neanderthal thinking’ RT

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

War-like Headlines Today

  • Israel is steering towards war with Iran and possibly with Russia. Their goal – and that of several other groups – is to start a war between the USSA and RUS/Iran. RT
  • That war, or pretty much any other, would be over quickly. That’s because the USSA, the imperial military, and the officer corps are increasingly full of literal idiots. READ THIS AT UNZ. “Fundamentally, you need your military forces to be staffed with high IQ and well trained men with high morale and commitment to its cause. High IQ is especially important in commanding positions and in the more “g loaded” services. According to a 2015 paper by M.F. Cancian and M.W. Klein, it seems to have been going rapidly down even before the diversity drives of the 2010s. The cognitive performance of US Marine officers has seen a 10 IQ point decline between the 1980s and 2010.” Commentary at VP
  • Participation trophies! NG “heroes” are getting “I saved the Inauguration” ribbons! Cannot even make this BS up. StarsNStripes

I helped! DC NG.


The explanation hides way down here: does this explain the forecast 70% drop in population? “Altogether, 69% of U.S. adults surveyed by the Pew Research Center now intend to become vaccinated. That’s up from 60% in November and 52% in September.Yahoo

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