PREPPER POST NEWS – May 12, 2021 – Redefining Deception

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 12, 2021 – Redefining Deception


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ECON2021 News

  • Inflation, 2021: the price of everything is rising. Fast. CNN
  • The end of distribution? A W. VA warehouse paints a picture. “No issue is ever solved these days, just managed,” he said. “It’s an exercise in how flexible you can be in an inflexible world.” That happy, computerized service economy we were promised! SeattleTimes
  • The end of the used car? A 10% increase year over year. WSJ
  • Death of Disney? Or death by Disney? “What the Disney corporation is doing, to the extent it discriminates against (and humiliates) White people, is illegal.  It’s also immoral and profoundly un-American.  If you are one of the more than 75 million people who voted for Trump, and who therefore believes in a colorblind, free America, you need to boycott the company starting yesterday.” AmThinker 

Prepper Vehicle Lessons

  • Takeaways from this Israeli incident: 1) people will attack your car; 2) your car is a weapon; 3) use it wisely, and; 4) a policeman probably isn’t going to run in and save you if you screw up. RT

Health UnLessons

  • “Fat Shaming” is wrong. It’s healthy to be unhealthy, morbidly overweight. COVID has been a blessing, not a curse, for the fat and the shamed. The lesson HERE is not to ever get in shape. No, just jab and go!

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Homeschool … and Rethink College!

  • UMass Amherst: wear a face diaper everywhere all the time or get kicked out of the fake academy! Parents: fail to find any lessons here. CBS4BOS

Truth and Definition

  • Ron Unz has another great summary of the COVIDIAN war crime. Read the whole thing and the many links. Option 3: A. WEAPON! UNZ
  • They knew what they were doing. They even redefined “vaccine” to fit the scam:

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Get woke, go … extinct? It is about that serious. PCR

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Killing the Future

The numbers are in – in Israel (and elsewhere). The fake vaccine bioweapon targets the young especially hard.

To summarize, vaccinated people over the age of 60 have been observed to die 14.6x more often than their unvaccinated age-peers in the first two weeks after vaccination. This is a correllary, not a causal, relationship, but it is such a strong correlation that it heavily implies at least some degree of causality.

Morever, this adverse effect is likely to be magnified as the age of the population declines, because adverse effects tend to be strongest in those with healthy immune systems due to the nature of the therapy. Since young people die less often than old people, and since the vaccinations are significantly increasing the likelihood of death in the two weeks post-initial vaccination, the analysis concludes that an inordinate number of young people are going to die after being unnecessarily vaccinated.

At this point, there is absolutely no way anyone under 40 should even consider getting the vaccination, and considering the potential adverse effects on fertility, anyone attempting to push it on women under 40 should be arrested and prosecuted.

In not-at-all-unrelated news, 57 scientists and doctors have demanded an immediate end to the mass-vaccination campaigns.


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