PREPPER POST NEWS – May 14, 2021 – Pipelines and Lifelines

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 14, 2021 – Pipelines and Lifelines


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No Gas, Just War

  • Colonial… We have a shortage this week as you may have gathered. DailyMail
  • The Mayor of Lod, Israel hints at “civil war” in addition to “ordinary” Israeli-Palestinian war. Interesting choice of words and memories he uses. Was this Benny’s plan? Avoid losing office and going to jail by starting more war? RT
  • Iron Dome in action as missiles rain down on Tel Aviv, etc. There’s a new level of sophistication in Gaza hardware that we’ll discuss today. Some prepper lessons too if one uses the old imagination. SkyNews
  • A (likely outdated, short) range map:


Take The Damned Masks Off!

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Worse Than War?

  • The Dollar is in terminal decline. Read this story and look at the graphs. LOOK. AT. THE. GRAPHS. AsiaTimes


  • The Welfare Cliff: It’s true. Low-pay workers make more money not working or working less. Whose fault is that? ZeroHedge
  • Where’d they go? As predicted (by me), the people fled the large cities for the nearby suburbs. Many are flowing back now. Let them. WSJ
  • No kids, no future. The Week struggles to tell the truth and to grasp reality. 

“Growth is good. On that, most of us agree. * Sure, there are some agrarian localists on the right and antimodern environmentalists on the left who pine for a smaller, simpler world in which we make do with less as well as fewer — fewer cars, fewer smokestacks, fewer cities, fewer carbon dioxide molecules, and yes, even fewer people. But they are very much in the minority. * Most of the rest of us consider growth — economic as well as demographic — incredibly important, if perhaps for somewhat different reasons. Nationalists believe in greatness for the political community, and they view growth of all kinds as a means to that end. …”

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USSA v. Russia:

Coming to a Civil War Near You:

JP Makes Fun of a False Religion:

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