PREPPER POST NEWS – May 17, 2021 – Wars of Rumor

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 17, 2021 – Wars of Rumor


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It’s Monday, May 17, 2021

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Catchup Headlines

  • The obvious failure of the Amerikan multi-culti. PCR
  • What’s left of the law doesn’t apply to those beneath it. BigTrial
  • Kind of like the strong French officer corps, some retired USian perfumed princes penned a letter. A weak, civnat, useless, queer kind of … really, it’s not like the French model… VOOOOOOATE… Zerohedge
  • Here’s “your” military, ready for action (of the bathhouse variety):

USSA LGTBPC Corps. Yes, eyebleach… Hope you weren’t eating.

  • The IL-PS war is raging … in NYC… Multi. Culti. Failure. SUN

$7 Dollar Gas…

  • Even the Fed sees inflation. Wow. CNBC
  • Ransom paid. Hackers hacked. Gas flowing? Prices are rising! The future of utilities in the USSA is as bright as a black hole. CNBC

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

Hoax Time

  • Tucker nails the criminal Fauci. FAUX
  • Criminals Gates and Merck battle Ivermectin truth in India. AnnB

Har, har. Would be funnier if it weren’t so correct…

Daily Reading and MOAR WAR!!!

  • This was not the beginning of the problems, but here’s a 2011 report on the, er, housing developments in Sheik Jarrah. ASF
  • Head fake or screw up? The war heated up late last week. Excellent photography here. DM
  • Weapons of war. A look at the tools – with a little MSM-style deception. SUN
  • The International Press takes a pounding. RT

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Unrestricted Warfare literally everywhere

IL and PS. NYC. The MSM. Even Perrin’s celebrity crush, the astounding Gal Gadot, is under fire. This story is beyond complete BS as I’ll discuss. When is calling for peace a crime? It’s not and this isn’t even about that. 

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