PREPPER POST NEWS – May 19, 2021 – Info Roundup

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 19, 2021 – Info Roundup


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Gonzo in Gaza

  • Week Two of the latest iteration of the endless violence that is Israel v Palestine. RT takes a look at the increased IL offensives. Reattack from the now war casualty associated presstitutes.
  • Hamas keeps the fire coming, possibly at the heaviest rate ever. StraitsTimes. “Asked if the pace since Monday was the highest-ever rate of rocket attacks on Israeli territory, [IDF] Maj-Gen Gordin said: “Not only do I agree, this is what I present.”

Manufactured Hostility?

  • The USSA and its allies never need to look far for a monster. Still, they try, running propaganda if necessary. See, here, China. RT

The “COVID” War

  • All celebrities are leftists and onboard with the jab, right? Except maybe for Hank Aaron and DMX… And Eric Clapton – he of the “disastrous reaction” to the poison. A PR hole for BIG DEATH. DailyMail
  • Mass “Vaxx” = mass infection, at least in Cambodia (and elsewhere). Mike Whitney maps it out. LRC

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Other … Stuff Today

  • Good news! Inflation is about to hit wages! Bad news: it hit everything else first. CHS with more.
  • What’s going on? Who do you trust? Lovely Daisy has some suggestions. These are good, if a few of them are a tad “light.” Still, good resources. OP
  • To boldly go where no Marxist has gone before… SPACE FORCE(!!!!) canceled a Colonel for telling the truth about the rot. CNN
  • Who will fight back against the woke madness? (Hint: us). PCR and The Saker explore the problems attendant. PCR (with link). “The Saker Asks Where Is the Pushback to the Woke Destruction of America? * One answer to Saker’s question is that 45% of the American population are brainwashed.  Another 45% are insouciant.  That leaves only 10% of the population capable of thought.  That 10% is silenced by censorship.”
  • And who will stand for murdered babies? (That’s us, too. Maybe Smith & Wesson). DO NOT put faith in the USSA Top Clown Court. Anything is possible (and welcomed) but the time for trusting the “law” of the Nine Wraiths is over. CNBC

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Today’s Featured Topic is: MOAR!!! On The Hoax, The Child Murder Biz, and Misplaced Reliance…

It’s Ann B’s latest Podcast. It’s a heavy one. Listener discretion is advised. Take a listen when you can, we’ll cover the basics today. AB Pod No. 146

Legacy Food Storage

If you hear her out until the last 20 min or so, know that when I call the war criminals “war criminals,” I harbor no delusions about systemic justice. Again, regarding true justice, she’s right: ultimately, it’s with Jesus. For now, and here, it’s on us – maybe President Putin. Smith & Wesson.

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