PREPPER POST NEWS – May 25, 2021 – Witch Way, America?

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 25, 2021 – Witch Way, America?


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Deception, Delusion, and Fraud

  • “Pre-crime” isn’t for Sci-Fi movies anymore. “Your” beloved government already sorts and classifies you. Here’s a list of the programs that have created Police State USA. ZeroHedge
  • Party like it’s 1919! Or 1929. 2008. Whatever. People are going deep into debt in order to buy fake-value stocks. MarketWatch
  • 2020: the most honest election ever! No evidence of fraud. So, then, why is there such extreme evidence of extreme fraud in Georgia??? CT

The Idiot Box

  • Too much TeeVeeee can lead to dementia. Lay. Off. The. Tube. StudyFinds

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Real Hoax, Real Consequences

  • Meet the new “vaccine” billionaires. Odd that they make so much money from something that’s “free,” right? CNN
  • Good news! Most employers are now reluctant to mandate the VaXXX poison. WaPo
  • Hoax time is over? Was the objective accomplished? The lowest level of cases in a year. Hmmm. AnchorageDaily
  • Rachel Maddow is the poster child for the crazed cult of covid kooks. These people are afraid of everything. She sees your unmasked face as a threat. NatFile
  • At least Rachel isn’t slapping 10-year-old girls like this SOB in Colorado. Rope? WLT

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Witches…

Alabama has relaxed its ban on yoga in public schools. NPR

Legacy Food Storage

Is this related to the rise of witchcraft in the USSA? Unherd

““Witchcraft is,” she writes, “I believe, the practice of entering into relation with the world, of exerting your will in it and among it, and learning how to work with it in ways that are fruitful for yourself and the world.” The warm, lyrical, and tender tone of her writing wins her many five-star reviews, but you don’t need to be a witch to wonder with her at “the curious magic of the world, the way it shimmers and changes if you walk through it … with your eyes open”. So why do she and others think that you do?”

With the WORLD … and it’s prince.

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