PREPPER POST NEWS – May 26, 2021 – Trust What Science?

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 26, 2021 – Trust What Science?


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It’s Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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“!Science!” Time!

  • Dr. Atlas calls the 2020 lockdown hysteria a “heinous abuse of power.” Yeah, about that. OAN
  • Evidence mounts that the “vaccine” is either more dangerous than the hoax, is the hoax, or both. Censorship will continue in any case. PCR
  • Flip flop Fauci. May, 2020: not man-made, see science. 2021: probably man-made, see science. ??? VP

Grocery Inflation

Shuffling States

  • A few “COVID” refugees moved to Vermont and the state wants more. WSJ
  • West Virginia is losing people. That might be a good thing. AP

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Hatelines Today

  • Honorable and Lovely Tulsi stands up for Caucasian Americans in re the Lori Lightweight non-story. Thanks, T! BLP
  • In the wake of the Israeli-Palestinian unpleasantness, social media wars, and general madness, Jews in the USSA wonder who will protect them? I’d say Emmanuel Cellar but he’s dead. I’d say GG, but they appear to be ignoring her. WaPo
  • David French gets all Muh Republic on the latest bout of anti-Jewish attacks. What would Geo. Washington do? First, you’d have to fill him in on the last 200 years. He wouldn’t be happy. FrenchPress

SUPER Hoax Advancing

  • They’re really pushing the fake UFOs. Read how Kongress got involved in this dire national security nonsense that will always be a bad joke. Prepare. If it hits, it will dwarf Corona. WaPo

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Legacy Food Storage

Today’s Featured Topic is: Inspiration From 18! Go Phil!

Phil Mickelson won the PGA Championship, Sunday at Kiawah Island, SC, at age 50! We now have 30 years of Phil victories and some inspiration that anyone can accomplish anything no matter their age. (They need to practice, practice, practice). Take heart!

AP Sports

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