PREPPER POST NEWS – May 28, 2021 – Confirmation Friday

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 28, 2021 – Confirmation Friday


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It’s Friday, May 28, 2021

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The Fakest of Fake News

  • Something called “Biden” is supposed to meet with the leader of the free world, Vlad Putin this summer in the CH. Maybe Putin will send his own fake sock puppet? Reuters
  • The WaPo has “suddenly” stumbled across reality in re the Hoax origin story. Why did they abandon the bat? WaPo
  • Big Dope, Big Mouth, and Big Gov say the Moderna “Vaxx” is 100%(!!!!!!) effective for teens. Ergo, run from this poison. CNBC (Where the word of the day is always “buy”).
  • The “Vaxx” works! So the CDC will no longer study all the cases of “Vaxx” failure. Convenient and you get the bill for the fraud! NYT
  • These monsters hate your kids and want to poison them. They are not, as of yet, implying consent or forcing the “Vaxx” on kids. Yet. Read between the lines of the WHO’s plan. Homeschool. 

Exhibit A in the war crimes tribunal…

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Further Disturbances Today

  • “Biden’s” State Dept. officially promotes the terror of BLM! (In fairness, OM’s State supported the homos…). Not our nation anymore and the world knows. Zerohedge
  • Go with cloth! Diapers are the next shortage item in 3rd world Amerika. CBS4
  • At FPC, a member rang the alarm about the attack on real estate. Here’s what property tax bills look like in conquered, 3rd world Georgia. TPC
  • If our people had been awake and aware, some of this could have been avoided. Most are still asleep. Now, that may be a good thing. PCR

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Today’s Featured Topic is: We Can Haz Accuracy!

2 Items to finish off the last full week of May:

1 – I said watch the evolution of Hamas’s rocket tech – for reasons… In this very interesting article, The Saker notices the same thing – and much more. Things are always changing. Take notes.

2 – I was Right About 5GW on (or, rather, through) Gal Gadot. (This is not a paid promotion for Gal Gadot – that’s not necessary…)

What I wrote last week:

“Many Gadot-bashers are, I deduce, robots and paid shills. There’s just too much homogeneity and synchronization across many of the comments on multiple platforms. That made me realize something; this isn’t really about Gaza and it’s certainly not about Gal Gadot. It has the signature of the Unrestricted Warfare described by PLA Cols. Liang and Xiangsui in 1999. There are multiple fifth-generation conflicts being waged around the world by multiple parties for multiple reasons. Some of them concern Israel, the Arab-Muslim Middle East, and the United States. Who and why? I have no definitive idea. However, a popular movie star provides an attractive vehicle for spreading the overwhelming chatter. Strange things do happen – more frequently than one imagines.”

What The Times (and Twitz) uncovered:

“But while support for Palestinians on streets worldwide may have been real, Israeli researchers attempting to pierce the fog of war surrounding the conflict have raised doubts regarding how much of the supposed social media war was truly authentic. Experts say that we often don’t know why we’re exposed to a particular piece of content online, whether as a byproduct of an algorithm seeking to shock and outrage us or by bad actors hoping to do the same.”

You know, get it here, now, or … wait.

Whatcha think???

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