PREPPER POST NEWS – May 3, 2021 – Text Us!

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 3, 2021 – Text Us!


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It’s Monday, May 1, 2021

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Assorted Stories in the News

  • This may be what does it… Just what we DON’T need … a chicken shortage! WaPo
  • How about paying $43,000 a year so your child can be indoctrinated in anti-White hatred? No? Read this, from the NYPost. And … homeschool.
  • Tucker is working hard on getting fired. Here, he goes for the jugular, correctly naming the evil of the Immigration Act of 1965. BLP
  • If we still had standards, they might be double. That’s why Rudy and Co. are being investigated for fake foreign interference while Joe and Hunter get off for free. AMthinker
  • Hatred of Christians abounds around the world. Gatestone
  • Including in the formerly Christian UK. Infowars

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More Headlines Today

  • Insomnia? Here, read war criminal “Biden’s” idiotic speech transcript. USAtoday
  • This just about says it all:

Ann Barnhadt!

  • OK, BOOMER! Here’s a decent look at what your g-g-generation has done to the kids. CaptainBarf “Women of my generation have been told their entire lives that loneliness is a psychological disorder, that children are parasites, and that exhausting yourself for 40 hours a week at work is the meaning of life. It turns out that continuing to live as though you were a teenager does not in fact bequeath eternal youth. “Age is just a number” is the most insidious of all Boomer proverbs.”

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Today’s Featured Topic is: The “Vaccine” Is The Disease…

READ THIS, from Karl Denninger.

Note that when you get the shot the first thing you get is antibodies; you may get a T-cell reaction.  This pre-existing knowledge, from SARS (CoV-1) entirely explains why people who just got vaccinated often get hammered by the virus and frequently end up in the hospital or die.  It marks the premise of attempting to vaccinate out of a pandemic where transmission is actively occurring as stupid.

You go get the shot.  Five days later you get the virus.  You have not yet developed immunity and the partial expression makes it worse.

You would have been better off, by far, taking the same infection straight up front.  It likely would have harmed you less.

Whatcha think???

Wait a second…

Before you go, a final, INSPRIRATIONAL word! In a time of utter insanity, the very lovely and wonderful Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) brings forth a new series dedicated to showcasing good people (women) doing positive things. Take a look:

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