PREPPER POST NEWS – May 5, 2021 – War, History, and Culture

PREPPER POST NEWS – May 5, 2021 – War, History, and Culture


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Militancy in the News

  • As of last Saturday, the USSA was supposed to be out of Afghanistan. We’re not, as we are unable to keep an agreement. We’re also unable to win wars. Any wars. The Taliban won. Period. VOA
  • The Chinese are winning too. Most Usians can’t even conceive that we’re in a war. The Aussies see more clearly. NewsAustralia
  • The demons who run the USSA government are really and truly committed to a war with Russia. That explains their idiotic Ukrainian policies. VP

What “Our” Side is Down To…

  • Space Force, as stupid as they come, envisions human augmentation as the solution to the problems they want to create. Hopefully, the clock will run out before this evil lifts off. Futurism
  • And the CIA… Just read this from RT. The Company is evil and useless. Still, they had a mystique of being dangerous. This is just sad: “Actual quotes from this new CIA recruitment ad: “I am a woman of color.” “I am a cisgender millennial.” “I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.” “I am intersectional.”

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Good and Bad Today

  • The better-off, generally Boomer scum, are checking out while they can – taking the last of the money and running. Bloomberg
  • The rest of us happily await the nightly knock at the door. Remember the lessons of history: the Woke Socials are (for now) the Stasi. History repeats as always. FEE
  • More repetition: Camille Paglia explains that trans oddities, etc. always appear at the end of any great society. Worth the watch (VIDEO) at LRC.
  • A Quote for us: “Preach the Truth as if you had a million voices. It is silence that kills the world.” – Saint Catherine of Siena. (with several more worth reading). 
  • Boomers, CivNats, and other “conservatives:” it is no longer 1980 and this is no longer America. The Z Man gets it! The changes that have happened explain why, in a formerly nice TX neighborhood, one now finds massive crime and human trafficking. CBS11

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Free Trade is Satanic

Read THIS from Matt’s Musings. Read the whole excellent thing.

Legacy Food Storage

There are many downsides of free trade –

4.1  Free trade harms family – Unrestricted trade can make you rich, but it also harms the family, because it requires free movement of people, hence family move away from each other. This lowers natural support networks, puts higher pressure on families, and incentivizes having less kids.

4.1.1       Ironically, how much money do people spend on before-school and afterschool care, day-care, babysitting, and other care, because they moved away from family to make money?

4.1.2       How many people do you know, who have worked hard to gain worldly wealth and prestige, would give it all up to have their family back? The Bible teaches us the wisdom of making what we have serve us, and God, not the other way around.

4.2  Free trade encourages a culture that worships money, because everything is a commodity, including people. The problem with this mindset is that your nation becomes willing to sell anything for financial gain, and before you know it, you have very little ability to manufacture anything, homelessness is increasing, other nations own your land, and you stand exposed before the world, with big hoards of wealth, and no way to protect them. Sound familiar?

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