PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 11, 2020 – Veteran’s Day in America

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 11, 2020 – Veteran’s Day in America


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It’s November 11, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


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Assembly and Protest

  • I’m glad I saw this one from Daisy Luther – who keeps moving mountains to keep prepper speech and information free from the forces that would have it otherwise. The truckers of America are uniting – for a November protest. Not only can they cut end delivery of various goods, but there’s also more. Think about this: a couple of big rigs, parked in the right places could easily block all highway traffic in our cities. Roll on, 18-wheeler? Organic Prepper
  • Rumors out of Europe – and these are so unsubstantiated as to not really be linkable, yet – have it that something major is brewing, both in Europe and in the US. Allegedly, this concerns a certain election and a reset to the international order. I will believe that when I see it, though just hearing it is interesting. More to come…
  • Another protest, organized by “conservative” groups across America is scheduled for this Saturday in Washington, the District of Corruption. Again, no link – you can find that in the alt-media, surely. I knew of this last week, straight from the source, and before the plan was adopted. I wish them all well, I really do. A million(?) marchers make a statement. Some court and legislative actions do too.
  • Putin, Xi, and some other critical international leaders have, for some odd reason, failed to congratulate putative “president-elect” Biden on his fraudulent victory. Odd, right? It certainly has the usual suspects angry. Does Putin know something? I’m betting he does. RT
  • And, another little-known organization has failed to weigh in on what the AP decided on Saturday – the General Services Administration. That’s the US agency tasked with transitions of power between administrations. Funny, that they aren’t heeded the siren call of the press to foist Biden and Harris. Maybe they will, at some point. We’re not there yet. MSN
  • Scott Ritter, also writing in RT, has the insider’s scoop on the difficulties a Biden/Harris regime would face in the international community. For all else he is or is not, Trump has been a stirrer of many pots abroad. Read more about how this all may affect relations with NATO, Israel, Iran, Russia, and more. RT

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

  • They’re not giving up! The media is running a full demoralization campaign, aimed to make Mitt Romenys out of all right-leaning Americans. Some have caved. Others are still standing, armed with flags, crosses, and rifles. The Spirit of ‘76 ain’t dead yet; you’ll have to try harder, MSM. SUN

Medicine, Schools, and … Golf?

  • Miracles never cease! With “president-elect” Harris poised to make herstory or whatever, great news on the pandemic front! I speculated that should Biden-Harris win, the Corona would melt away.
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    Here it comes! Pfizer has announced their “vaccine” is 90% effective! It’ll be here any day now, much like those CERTIFIED electoral results, right? CNBC
  • The medical news – no word from Dr. Grover – sent the stock market soaring. So, the pandemic ended and the paper economy recovered, and we need to kick out the president who could (likely will) take credit for it? Makes sense… also: CNBC!
  • If the “pandemic” is really over, can the “schools” get back to normal? I mean, 2019 normal, not real learning normal. As-is, meet the “Zoomies” and the “Roomies,” cute names for kids trapped in a system that has utterly failed. Read, laugh, and then, please …. HOMESCHOOL! AJC
  • Today. Yes, it’s Par Three Wednesday in Augusta: dodge those tumbleweeds on Washington Road, will you. But, it is also Veteran’s Day. Take a moment, ye Americans, to reflect on our past, the sacrifices made, the victories won.
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    Read more: from Armacist Day to Veteran’s Day:






Pepe Escobar is back, in another outlet, with a new spin on the disinformation campaign that has a banana republic feel to it. And, not unsurprisingly, he frames the issue in terms of a “civil war.” Is it time to get this thing “rolling?” Or, is it too late to stop it? AsiaTimes

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