PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 11, 2021 – 23 and Evil

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 11, 2021 – 23 and Evil


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It’s Thursday, November 11, 2021

Here’s what you need to know.

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CRUSHING! in the News

  • A very good jab. Har, har. VP


  • Camilla hears a who?? Fake prez, real gas. LOL! DailyMail

Hoax Time

  • The PCR hoax – faked from the very beginning. A bad medical tool – so says the inventor. GlobRes
  • “B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from ‘climate change’ – ‘Picked up his patient’s chart & penned in the words ‘climate change.” Get. A. New. Doc. ClimateDepot

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Finding Asylum?

  • State Street (Boston): “One of world’s largest investment firms will need permission to hire white men.” Yeah… Fox5
  • Interesting (and predictable): “A man who allegedly participated in the Capitol riot Jan. 6 and is wanted by the FBI is now seeking asylum in Belarus, the country’s state media reported Monday, presenting him as a “simple American whose shops were burned by Black Lives Matter activists.” WaPo
  • What happens when the USSA breaks its own laws? Nothing. What will the Supremes say???? And, this is far from only a Muslim thing. Guardian

The Home (War) Front

  • Don Shift discusses the dangers of defending suburbia. Read the preview, consider the book. OP

Becoming the “Other”

  • An Aussie’s new abnormal. “I have never felt so different and “other” as I do now. I am one of the unvaccinated. * Sitting here in the middle of Sydney, where double vax rates approach 90%, with the unvaccinated to be shunned until (if?) we hit 95%, it is easy to feel alone. So, while almost all my friends and acquaintances are “free” under the laws of our oppressive governments, I am not free—although if I am honest, my friends are free to do things I no longer miss, whereas I am truly free.” Crisis

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Of. Course…

Anne Wojcicki. Anne Wojcicki. Wojcicki… Sound familiar? The name should. From Mr. Day:

“Cynics will say that nothing says “trusted neighborhood doctor” quite like a company that is a cross between Big Pharma and Big Tech – but apparently Anne Wojcicki’s 23andMe wants to be perceived as having the characteristics of all three.

The company, best known for harvesting genetic data from millions of Americans via spit tests that produced questionably useful information to the customers, recently went public, and now the serious side of its business is emerging – using all that data to develop new drugs and usher in the era of a new kind of Big Pharma that relies on Big Tech strategies of collecting data and monetizing it.”

These sisters! Where’s a falling house when you need one?

Whatcha think???

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