PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 12, 2020 – The Comments Thread!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 12, 2020 – The Comments Thread!


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

A Twofer!

Pfizer has announced the creation of a COVID Vaccine that is allegedly 90% effective. If true then that is fantastic! If not, we’re no worse than we were, right? And, yes, I am keenly aware of the alternative theories – there’s a reason I frequently place “vaccine” in those quote marks. Not being people to miss an opportunity to keep hammering the narrative, the MSM ran this story at the Daily Beast this week. The short of it is: !science! And how anyone who questions the narrative – looking at you, anti-Vaxx preppers – is a conspiracy theory nut. I’ll leave that for your esteemed analysis.


I want you to remember another “crazy conspiracy theory” from the past. This one seemed to fall apart back in the Eighties, forever becoming a leftist weapon for correcting and silencing Christians and anyone to the right of Chairman Mao. Then, 35 years later, THIS REPORT quietly emerged from the FBI – proving every single part of the original conspiracy (FACT, not theory). *Disturbing Content Warning* Perrin has more to say about it in today’s video. Kindly add your thoughts in the YT comments.

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Great! Oh, don’t really directly inject the java…

Headline Stories in the News

  • Putative, AP-selected President-Elect Joe Biden has already started a panel to help end the pandemic! Has he heard about the “vaccine” yet? He is predicting a dark winter. Interesting… WSJ
  • The AP reports that many states are ready to work with Joe during the dark winter! Do they not know about the “vaccine?” The AP!
  • Will the DOJ cooperate with Biden? Harris? They will if the AP is right about his election. For his part – and this sounds like the same old of the past four years – he says they (the DOJ) must decide whether to prosecute President Trump. Charges not specified or substantiated or real … not that that would matter. MSN
  • But wait! As-is, under the current reality, AG Barr just green-lighted a DOJ investigation into voter fraud in last week’s fun election. It’s like spy versus spy! But, sadly real… Mediaite
  • Marte Helme, resigning Interior Minister of Estonia, isn’t having the AP narrative. He – and many others – had some strong words about the allegations in the US election. Read more about his assessment of these “corrupt characters” in the Swamp. ALSO THE AP!!!

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

  • Eat Peppers, Live longer. Chilies are not coffee, but they hold all kinds of health benefits beyond spicy tastes! Learn more from the Independent.
  • Big OOPS! Another odd, one-way (guess which way!) computer glitch surfaced in the Wisconsin vote count. It’s like a pattern or something. Where’s Mr. Estonia?! Vox Day (who is now banned from Parler, the “free speech” place).
  • Your Biden sign won’t save you from the identity politics of post-American Amerika. Watch the cute video, the second one, about the yard sign. Peace = what, now?? Somebody’s Twitter (not Trump’s)
  • One less swamp rat. Goodbye to Sec. Def. Mark Esper. Now, do the FBI and the CIA, which should have been addressed in 2017. USN
  • Certain people are banned from entering the EU or speaking there. That’s not the case when it comes to Muslim terrorists, allowed to hold a confab, allegedly hosted by the Vienna shooter. A nice, civilization-threatening double standard. RT






Legacy Food Storage

Who gets the nukes? That’s the question I asked – the final word is mine – in a column I free-handed last week. I thought little of it until I received a call from someone formerly connected to the powers of DC. Could this be a Perrin first? [Shrugs] I also present a plan for wonderful, not-gonna-happen world peace. TPC

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