PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 16, 2020 – An Education!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 16, 2020 – An Education!


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It’s November 16, 2020

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Today’s Featured Topic is:

The State of The Schools…

Watch and/or listen to old Perrin on the subject. Whatcha think???

Headline Stories in the News

  • Public schools in Detroit have suspended face-to-face “learning” … because of what the virus did. Will they come back in January? Does it matter? More from the Detroit Free Press.
  • A royal mess. Schools nationwide are closing once again – in what’s being called a “third wave.” Georgia, Michigan, etc. Learn more from the AP.
  • Regression. This is from the UK but rest assured it is essentially the same in the US and elsewhere. Without regular attendance at the “schools,” children are allegedly regressing – in reading, dining, and even potty training. One problem highlights many more. CBSnews.
  • On the topic of schooling, homeschooling, and UNschooling, here are some resources. I have a dedicated page at my blog, full of information on education. Have a look.

Beyond Education: Money:

  • File a claim? So, this year we were treated to “peaceful protests” all over the place, in the wake of … communism writ large. One defense of the violence was that hey! – businesses have insurance. The large ones do. The smaller shops are in trouble, so much so that even the NYT noticed. Is this any way to run a society?
  • They’re pushing the digital currency, or slavery more likely. EU bankster-in-chief Christine Lagarde has a hunch that in a few years there will be no more paper money. That means you and your savings will be at the complete mercy of the government, the banks, and the AI. Good luck! MSN

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

And, More:

  • Unimaginable… Justice Alito spoke to the Federalist Society last week, with choice words about what the lockdowns have meant for civil society, and liberty – especially religious liberty. No kidding. Reuters
  • The Trumpians went to Washington. I followed this less than maybe I should, so hopefully, the following link has been updated. Check your sources. Million MAGA March? RT
  • History repeats, to the point that even the Atlantic notices. Here, they discuss, with Peter Turchin, the possibilities of US Civil War 2. Knowing him, there’s probably a mathematical model in the mix.
  • The trend continues – everyone is noticing now. Are we going backward in time? Will Christians be again driven into the catacombs? Read this column from Crisis Magazine on the potential. When everything is inverted, do the normal and the righteous become the secular heretics? Pay attention to the accompanying photo of the protest: “Idolize Trans Lives!” It’s not “tolerate” or “accept” or “understand,” they want your worshipful attention and obedience. 






To my regret, I failed to mention this one at the end of last week. Against all odds in this craziest year, Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock, NC, has opened for Tweetsie Christmas! If you’ve been, then you know. If you haven’t, then now’s the time. Watch this:

(Tweetsie RR; thanks, Meghan!)

A studio takes shape! Perrin takes THE BEST pictures…

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