PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 16, 2021 – Crocodile Knife-Dee

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 16, 2021 – Crocodile Knife-Dee


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A-OK in the USSA!

  • The Great Resignation rolls on. CNN
  • Power prices surge in Maine. Who, really, needs heat in Maine? AP
  • WIS NG deploys ahead of Rittenhouse Show Trial verdict and pre-planned riots. DM
  • Mark’s Metaverse is everything one fears it might be. VICE

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The Wacky World

  • The EU (yes, that EU) proposes a border wall(!!!) in response to the globo-backed invasion of Poland. WSJ
  • Hostages in Yemen. Yep, we’re also in Yemen. No doubt fake prez Greengas has a plan or something. FreeBeacon
  • Another new day in rising China. Xi cements hardline Chinese nationalism. VP

Memes, You Say?

True Survival

  • A stone-cold Aussie man, 60, fought off a crocodile with a pocket knife. No word if he was arrested for possessing an “assault” blade or for being unvaxxed… NDTV

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Today’s Featured Topic is: Close the Schools!

The luciferians who run them are, poor things, “exhausted.” Good! They just can’t keep the charade going. Good! More at USAToday. “School districts across the nation are temporarily closing or switching back to remote learning as school administrators struggle with empty classrooms, driverless buses and understaffed cafeterias caused by widespread teacher exhaustion, coronavirus concerns and the Great Resignation.” Boo freaking hoo.

Get your kids out, or they’ll face the old “White Priblege” test. DC.

“An English teacher in Montgomery County Public Schools — the largest school district in Maryland — told students to take a “white privilege test” before reading a book that addresses themes of racism and police brutality.

Ninth-grade English students at Sherwood High School were given pre-reading questions for the book “All American Boys” on Monday, Nov. 8, according to a file reviewed by the Daily Caller. The questions linked directly to a Vox article titled “what it means to be anti-racist” and a test called the “white privilege test.” The Vox article promoted the work of “anti-racist” scholar and author Ibram X. Kendi.”

Or, what fun we could have with this nonsense…

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