PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 17, 2020 – Let Freedom Ring!

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 17, 2020 – Let Freedom Ring!


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

Freedom – Whether “They” Like It or Not!

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Headline Stories in the News

  • The Second Wave … of Lockdowns. They’re here, like them or not. Much of this depends on where you live, but the general trend is sweeping much of the nation. Daisy Luther has much more: “It’s important to note that it doesn’t really matter whether you personally believe that COVID-19 is risky or not.” Organic Prepper
  • It doesn’t matter what a doctor personally believes. A Doc in the UK notes that if not for the government and media hype, he would have never known about the pandemic. Still, he’s in the middle with the rest of us. CriticUK
  • As one might imagine, New York City is preparing for another rapid lockdown. Will they repeat the mistakes of earlier this year? Probably. Get out of the cities! Yahoo
  • Putative President-Elect Biden may have a softer approach to lockdowns than many think – or fear. Some are afraid – always a bad thing – that he will dictate a national lockdown. Does he even have that power? However, those in the know suggest he may simply continue to promote localized measures. Kind of what we’ve been doing, no? Reuters
  • Lockdowns in the movies and teevee! Lifetime is making another Christmas movie featuring a kiss. The kiss scene features plexiglass… How romantic. TheWrap

Another News Source:

  • With Drudge drifting to the left, Ron Unz has created a new news aggregator. Check it out – you might be able to contribute in addition to reading! UNZ

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Lessons Worldwide:

  • The war in Afghanistan, the US’s longest, is coming to an end – soon! We reached an agreement with the Taliban earlier this year and Trump wants to stick with it. Esper is out and the drawdown appears to be on schedule. End the war! Come home, Yanks! RT
  • I said watch the war in Armenia – the one most people are unaware of. There’s always a lesson to learn. Here it’s about a shifting in geopolitical power. Russia is the big winner in this fray according to the Saker. I agree. Learn more at UNZ.
  • Stop the wall! As the world streamed into the US, Trump gave us 450 miles of “new” wall – most of it refurbished sections of existing fences. Biden plans to stop the work entirely. He also plans to up the imports. Seattle Times
  • Enough of the world is already here to make a huge impact. The effects are being felt even in rural America. Here’s a story about the demographic shifting of 50 years. It almost reads like they’re bragging over at the NYT(MSN)






In politics, some people have it and others refuse to use it. Stacey Abrams, like her or not, make fun of her or not, is a force to reckon with. She’s in charge of the change in Georgia and a national player. Read more about the plan she relentlessly sticks to. If you know the name “Selena Montgomery,” then you know she is an effective communicator. She’s also smart. GOP, take note – if that’s possible. AJC

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