PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 18, 2020 – Economics Prep-01

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 18, 2020 – Economics Prep-01


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

The Economy

The stocks markets are booming now, after a small mishap earlier this year. You may remember. Our “leaders” tout this as proof of an excellent economy. Friends, the stock market is not the economy and it was not ever intended to be. Read Doug Casey’s article on the history of stocks and the dangerous rise of “day trading.” He has a more recent write-up on Voodoo economics – that’s not just a funny saying anymore.

I call it economic sorcery because it’s all based on fakery and black magic. All this year, most of it, we’ve heard about the damage done BY THE VIRUS. Intentional or not, Corona-mania made for the most convenient cover for what was already long-simmering. I have plenty more to say in today’s video and podcast. I want your take and, if you’re willing, your recent personal experiences.

Whatcha think???

Some Books:

What Has Government Done to Our Money?Murray Rothbard, 1963. It’s a great, short history and explanation – if a little dated at this point.

The Creature from Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin, 1994. The “Bible” for understanding the hellish monstrosity of the Federal Reserve. 

Debunking Economics – Steve Keen, 2011. A thoroughly modern book written AFTER all the old, worn theories had run into harsh reality. 

MORE Headline Stories in the News

  • Nothing lasts forever. Continuing with our theme of fake money, here’s a look at the fix the Fed has landed in – all of its own satanic doing. They made the trap and then stepped into it. Will we pay the price? Zerohedge
  • A President challenged. The US DHS was a mistake from the first day. Now, the head, Chad Wolf, refuses to follow orders from his boss, Donald Trump. Trump should have never appointed yet another swamp rat and should immediately solve this problem. Biden might be similarly warned. NYPost
  • A President is defiant. French President Emmanuel Macron correctly calls out the US media for sugar-coating the Islamic terror plaguing France. He’s amazingly not backing down. Excellent! (<also the same en Français!) But, he should recall that he’s fighting for far more than just “cartoons.” NYT
  • And, while we’re on the affairs of France… Why not stop harassing party-goers and crack down harder on extremists? The war on normality, in the name of the holy pandemic, rolls on… Reuters

Freedom Roasters Coffee!

  • A second “vaccine???” So it is reported by the completely-honest Amerikan media. And this one is even more effective than Pfizers! Uh, did Moderna isolate and sequence the “virus” – unlike the CDC? Just asking. AP
  • Lockdowns, aka house arrests, are the solution! Or, so we are told by the usual suspects. But, with so much uncertainty about the “virus” how will they know when and where to impose tyranny. A year into this mess and they claim they know next to nothing. I believe them. WSJ
  • The one thing that’s guaranteed to come out of this year of uncertainty, masks, and cover-ups … is social unrest. 2021 will be a most interesting year. Everyone is starting to notice the copious writing on the wall. Bloomberg
  • 3, 2, 1, blastoff! Private space ventures flew again this week with the launch of another SpaceX ship to the ISS. This is starting to mirror the oceanic age of exploration, with governments funding the initial trips, and private companies making it work in the long run. A feel-good story for Hump Day! AP


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Times being what they are, I overlooked this better story of late. Apologies… And, congratulations to Dustin Johnson on his record-breaking, record-setting victory in Augusta. Twenty under and a 268 total is nothing to sneeze at, especially in November, and following a mandatory quarantine. Inspiration in sporting endeavors never ends – even in 2020. AJC. See also: the Full Leaderboard

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