PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 19, 2020 – Will You Take The “Vaccine?”

PREPPER POST NEWS – Nov. 19, 2020 – Will You Take The “Vaccine?”


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Today’s Featured Topic is:

The Coronavirus “Vaccine” – Will You Take It???

By the way, hello, to all of you listening on the Anchor podcast and elsewhere!

We all knew, at some point it was coming, or that it is still coming; a quote-unquote vaccine for the COVID-19. Everyone (in control of or under the spell of the narrative) has been saying for months, “blah, blah, get along until we have a vaccine!” Trump and Biden have pushed the message. (UNIPARTY anyone??) Now, Pfizer and Moderna both allegedly have a wonder drug – for a disease that is not the black death and which according to the CDC hasn’t been isolated yet…

Perrin will cover this in much greater detail on today’s cast. The question of the day is: when they finally roll out a “vaccine,” will you take it? Yes? No? Maybe, kinda, sorta? We want to hear your perspective, so,

Whatcha Think???

“Vaccine” in the News

  • Todays’ topic has been on all of our minds. It’s here today because of a poll we saw at Drudge. The Poll. The Results.
  • As of the last time Perrin checked, a majority of respondents were in favor of the medical intervention.

Drudge Report.

And More:

  • Doubling deaths? Right now, it’s cases, cases, cases. But what about deaths from Corona? What about a doubling of them? That’s what some “experts” predict through this winter, with or without a vaccine. These are the same people, headlined by the CDC, who inflate the death toll by a factor of 20. By their dubious count, there are about 250,000 COVID deaths as-is. So, even at 500,000, this is still far short of their original scare-tactic estimates of millions (by now). News & Observer
  • How can we trust a “vaccine” when we can’t trust the tests? Elon Musk took four tests in one day: two positive and two negative. What? Is he COVID neutral? Not The Bee (archived copy) And, remember the tests in Tanzania?
  • Dr. Paul weighs in on the !science! Biden says he “follows” it. Does he? Will he when it is clear as a bell and unsupportive of more lockdown hysteria? Time will tell. LRC

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The Roundup:

  • Henry Kissinger is still alive! I was surprised too. And, he’s warning (Biden) of a conflict with China. Wise words, in general, but I sense something in his alternative proposal that lends itself to continued globalism. You? MSN
  • Trump was allegedly “talked out of” a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. The man has shown great restraint in foreign affairs, especially of the military variety. Let’s hope that holds because a war with Iran would be extraordinarily bad. Remember January? DailyMail
  • Here’s another great examination of the … well, the end of America. Everyone sees it coming or unfolding. Read these excellent words of reason and hope by Nick Griffin. UNZ
  • Defending pedos in the Netherlands… An alleged pedo arranged, on a gay dating site… to meet with a 15-year-old boy. It was a sting, but Chris Hanson was nowhere to be found. The 73-year-old was beaten to death. It is not clear whether the vigilantes used a millstone. Now, the police are concerned this practice may spread. How about this: How about stop molesting children, damn you?! DailyMail






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This is a follow-up to the feature on the schools and the pandemic. A viewer did exactly as we asked and we’re appreciative. In the show, today, Perrin discusses the revelations from the message! Changes in the schools… There is much more going on – there always is. Thank you, all of you (except the spammers) for doing your part! You are … always ready!

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